And if suddenly the time you spend interacting on the social networks could be exchanged for something amazing? This is the proposal of Bliive, a new social network that encourages people to share on the web what you do best. Basically works like this: you offer a service; 1 hour of guitar lesson, for example – […]

The First Sustaintable Newsstand In The World

Here on Blomming , we love innovation. So what about this one: Who has ever bought an entire  magazine or newspaper to read only one or two article could please rise their hand? And have you also thought the amount of waste of paper (and money!) that is caused by the leftover journals and magazines […]

Tile: Never Spend Time Searching For Your Keys Again.

Who has never lost their keys or forgotten which corner of the house dropped the purse can throw the first stone! Tile is, a small device that was created to help with these minor daily inconveniences. Just pin it on the item you want to monitor and voilà. Like several other amazing ideas, the Tile […]

Fliike: Real World Facebook Counter

All brands, shops, sites and almost everything that exists in our real world are constantly concerned about boosting their Facebook Likes to demonstrate how their customers have followed them on the internet, how popular they are. But now, imagine if they could display in real time their likes from Facebook directly into a physical counter […]


Put Flowers In Your Ice Cream Cones

No, I didn’t get crazy as you might have thought from the title of this post, even though I have to admit that this decor idea is crazy brilliant! I would have never thought of using ice cream cones as vases and yet it makes a lot of sense; as cones are just the right […]

Brooom: The Smallest Gallery In London To Promote Art, Brands Or Products

If you’re bored with the usual concept of art and museums, don’t worry: we have the answer to your wish of change. Brooom is a fresh and innovative project launched in London by an Italian couple who moved to the City just one year ago: basically it’s a street-side room available to exhibit and promote […]

Viraland: The Charm Of The Unconventional

Today we want to introduce the concept of “Promoter”, a new figure which we believe is ideal for those who do not have the time or resources necessary to manage a store in the old way, but still want to take advantage of their online presence. Promote products and earn money seems to be the perfect […]

Window Socket: Energy Without Cables

Kyuho Song e Boa Oh, two Japanese designers have invented a portable power socket. It works without cables and you can keep it in your bag, a dream come true! Window Socket recharges itself simply by sticking it to a window with the incorporated sucker and works just like a tiny solar pannel. Once it is charged you […]

Morgana’s Eco Friendly Body Jewellery

Morgana is a shop based in Turin that focuses on the recycling of materials, mostly the inner tubes of used tires. Whether it be the used inner tube of a truck, a bicycle or a car, Morgana is able to tranform these discarded objects into genuinley beautiful jewellery. Many of her pieces play with geometric […]

The Geek Room

The Geek Room is a recent addition to Blomming. We love Geek gadgets on Blomming and this shop certainly does not disappoint. To start with the brilliant Fridge Zoo gadget is entertaining and at the same time useful. It is a cow shaped as a milk carton that says hello to you (in Japanese) when you open […]