How can you match technology and fun? This is the question the guys from Usb Tribe, have been wandering on. Answer is quite simple: changing the boring everyday objects into creative, colorful and small design masterpieces. They could be inspired by superheroes, iconic cars or typical Japanese characters, it’s not important! Their purpose is giving […]

Crosser Accessories: Eco-Design and Fashion from the Bycicle

It was officially presented two years ago at the toBEeco show, in Turin, and its first items were ecological flip-flop enclosed in an attractive and creative collection. We are talking about Crosser: a brand that, using old inner tubes, produces fashion accessories different from whatever you have seen around, inspired by passion for cycling and perfect […]

Growing Plants On Your Balcony… Even In Big Cities

Have you ever heard about happy degrowth? It could seem an oxymoron to most of us, but instead it’s a successful idea that is catching on into young and innovative enterpreneurs’ projects. It is substantially the deep value of “living better consuming less” through, for example, the practices of self-sufficiency: the possibility to eat just […]

Go Gas Free: Outdoor Entertainment Knows No Limits

Christmas is over and the new year has come full of good intentions, mostly linked to get fit before summer. Yes, it looks far from now, but it always nice to think of outdoor activities to not only have fun but also get fit. Seems like a good deal, right? Today we want to introduce […]

How to make your new Year’s Eve Party the Event of the Year!

Today’s Christmas, you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere but in few days you have a reason to stay awake until early in the morning! Of course, it is New Year’s Eve – Christmas has not even passed by and we’re already excited about the (soon) unforgettable event. And, so, this year you decided that the party […]

The Best Pinterest boards for Inspiration and Creativity

Ahh, Pinterest. A great source of inspiration! You surely also have an account on this great Network. Well, it is very inspiring and full of beautiful pictures, even if you easily forget the time… I was wondering: WHO are the best Pinners to follow actually? Let’s take a look of the Top-pinners out there! Let’s […]

Social Media in Real Life: Unbelievable!

Can you imagine a life without our favorite social media channels? Me neither. Spending hours on Facebook chatting. Looking for the perfect picture on Pinterest. Reading the new Blogpost on Tumblr. And so on. But if you think you are the geekest person on earth, I have to disappoint you. There are people litterally living […]

Motivation is the Key to Success

We are all going through this once: you lost the envy to create something today, or simply the desire to work. You procrastinate. Look at your blank sheet. Stare at your computer. Times like these happen! But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up or put back into quesion your whole concept. What […]

Qcamera: the Camera connected to Social Media

Are you prepared for the must-have tech-item of the month? I’m asking you this because I’m already opening my wallet… But back to the story. I have never been lucky with cameras. Or they take the worst pictures of the most breathtaking landscape, or they are dying quickly by falling into the pool. And, finally, […]

Apps for Creative Minds

Where do you get your inspiration from? Usually, new ideas are emerging when you expect them the least. During a subway ride,  passing by some shops or simply while sitting on a bench in a park, to name a few. Then, you are taking your notebook and writing or drawing your brand new idea. If […]