In this weeks newsletter we presented a great new Blomming feature, now we will have shops that are ‘Guaranteed by Blomming’, meaning that shops that have a high number of successful sales will be assigned a special Guaranteed badge. If a shop has this badge any purchase from them will be guaranteed by Blomming, meaning that […]

fontanaro-tuscan gourmet foods

Sunday Shuffle: Gourmet Food

One of the greatest advantages of being an Italian based company is that we have access to an endless array of mouthwatering food products. We have plenty of sellers on Blomming who choose to bring their specialities to a broader audience thorough E-Commerce. It is a wonderful thing to see and to taste! This week […]

Newsletter: Bargains and Free Shipping

This weeks Newsletter had even more bargains and free shipping items than usual! Some of the best products on our platform are made available each week so, if you haven’t already, subscribe here and fill every tuesday morning with interesting items chosen especially for you. From our range of  ‘Offers of the Week from 9 […]

Sunday Shuffle: Girls T-Shirt

As the last week the Sunday Shuffle was all dedicated to the boys out there today, our weekly selection is all about girls. Even if the weather, all over, is not very stable yet, this is that time of the year perfect for great t-shirt. Our picking, done throughout Blomming’s pages, is made up of […]

Newsletter: Sunglasses, Bikini, Soap, Cream and Plenty More

Well in this weeks Newsletter we have a great variety of products, but the item that stands out because of what a good offer it is, has to be the Oakley sunglasses that are discounted and sold without shipping costs, so wherever you are you can have them delivered straight to your door for Free! These […]

Sunday Shuffle: Too Many T-Shirts

We are constantly updating our great collections. One that just got polished up is T-Shirts for men. Visit the collection for the real deal, or just scroll down for a little taster in this Sunday’s Shuffle ;) To get started let’s take a look at the Iron Man shirt. With the 3rd movie in the Iron […]

Newsletter: From Iron Man Shirts to Essential Oils and more…

As always our weekly Newsletter was brimming with great products chosen especially for you. But this week we chose to bring it to you in a brand new format, designed to make it easy for you to read and select what you like and don’t like. We have divided it into two sections: Discounts of […]

A Promoter to be Proud of!

Via Del Corso is a great example of how a Promoter can use our Social Affiliation for great results. This Promoter has decided to bring together the best dresses and bags from around the world and found on Blomming, to create a collection that is bound to attract attention. This way Via Del Corso brings […]

Sunday Shuffle: Time to Sail

In this Sunday’s Shuffle we want to embrace the summer with a selection of products aimed at sailing, in particular, and the seaside, in general! We can’t wait to get down to the sandy beaches and enjoy the sunshine, but most of all to feel the wind rustling our sails as we set off for […]

Blomming Newsletter: Marilyn Dress, MoMa Design, T Shirts, Design Objects …

This week our Newsleteer was, once again, brimming with first class products. To start with our Best Bargain section featured some classy items such as the Marilyn Dress sold by Pand and pictured above, or the brilliant MoMa Design Vase and Chalk Board seen below. Our collection of Best Bargains brings to you all the best items […]