Paris is undoubtedly an elegant city and has admirers worldwide. Its architecture, its museums more than impressive and streets full of charm, amazing monuments,  its importance for the history and and of course,fashion. The city was On July 14th however, on the  Fête de la Fédération as the French call it, the capital of fashion is “invaded” […]

Les 2 Coquettes: London-based Italian Style. What Else?

Blomming is becoming more and more international, how cool is that? Currently we are glad to announce we host Shops from all 5 continents in our platform, and we are lucky to discover new talents around the world everyday. What happens when you notice an amazing brand from London which is actually managed by two italian […]

Summer Sales, Yeah!

On the last week’s newsletter we gave you a small glint of what would be the Blomming Summer Sales. Now they have arrived with all the strength and the discounts go up to 60% !!! If you don’t wanna lose anything that is happening in our Community, Subscribe to our newsletter; I promise I will […]

Sale Sale Sale!

Wednesday is the day in which we bring to you the best products on the whole Blomming Community on our weekly Newsletter. What can be better then the best products in evidence for you? All those products in Sale! The sales season have not started in most countries yet but it already arrived on Blomming. […]

4th of July: Happy Birthday America.

Independence Day is an annual national holiday celebrated in United States of America on July 4 and is often known as “the Fourth of July”. It is the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776. Independence Day is a patriotic holiday for celebrating the positive aspects of the United […]

Summer: New Arrivals For The Best Season Of The Year

Summer has finally graced us with its presence. Long days, great temperatures and a bright sun are waiting for us to enjoy them the best we can. So, nothing more natural then dedicate this week newsletter to the best season of the year. On this week edition we feature what’s best in our community, for you, […]

Sunday Shuffle: Week End At The Beach – For Her

If there is something I learned travelling is to pack my luggage in the right way! Unless you have a boyfriend available to bring your luggages up to the Hymalaya, you have to learn how to do smart luggages. This Sunday Shuffle is dedicated to the typical week end on the beach and, I assure […]

Smile, It’s Wednesday.

Smiling is the best thing in this world and we honestly enjoy life much more when a smile is a frequent part of it. So why you won’t check out the new collection of Les2coquettes? Made to make you smile, they are the stars on this week newsletter Les2coquettes is a lifestyle project by Carolina and […]

Perfect Products For The Perfect Dad

It’s Wednesday, middle of the week, which means that our Newsletter is out and filled with amazing and beautiful products. Just in case you missed it, I’ll give you a taste here but, to be always tuned with our selection of stylish and unique products, make sure you Subscribe. It’s very simple, just click here. Well, in […]


June Is The Wedding’s Month. Here’s How To Finish Up That Perfect Day!

June is just arrived, and this means that quite a few people are currently working on getting everything ready for upcoming weddings. They say that the wedding is the most beautiful day in a person’s life, and what would make it even better? A personalized touch, the attention to details that creates a lovely harmony […]