Last week, women were in the focus, giving men ideas on what to buy for their girlfriend or family.Well, the next logical post is to help women finding something for him! May it be your boyfriend, your father, your brother… The gifts have to be ready soon. And it isn’t always easy to guess what […]

For Christmas: Gifts Under 100 Euro

 We’re now already end of November, and for those of you who think it still may be early to talk about gifts… Some are thinking about them since August! This year, don’t be unprepared (…again?!), especially if you want to make a major gift to somebody special. On Blomming, we have (once again) good news […]

The Best Pinterest boards for Inspiration and Creativity

Ahh, Pinterest. A great source of inspiration! You surely also have an account on this great Network. Well, it is very inspiring and full of beautiful pictures, even if you easily forget the time… I was wondering: WHO are the best Pinners to follow actually? Let’s take a look of the Top-pinners out there! Let’s […]

Say it With a Card: AwesomeCards

We are in Dublin, Ireland. Paper, scissors and all kind of creaft items lying on a table. We are in the world of Aleanbh, the creator of AwesomeCards. It began about two years ago, when she was creating some personalised cards for a friend. And guess what? That friend enjoyed these cards so much that Aleanbh […]

Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for a Woman

Psst, this post concerns only men! Especially men desperately looking for a gift for their girlfriend, sister or mother – or maybe all of them. I have some good news for you: we aren’t sooo difficult to satisfy. You just need to find the most beautiful, breathtaking gift. That means, well, the perfect one! Instead of […]

5 Ideas to Make the Best out of Rainy Days

This november is kind of… rainy. It is difficult to find motivation to go out, so we rather stay comfortably at home. But what can we do that this terrible weather doesn’t affect our mood and makes us want to do nothing? Here some tips and ideas to have a productive day while not putting […]

Pop Art is Back in your House with LarettArt

I have to warn you: once you read this post, you will want to change your home decor. I already think about the new design of my bedroom! Why? This is because I discovered the beautiful Shop of LarettArt. The Shop offers a large choice: from stools to tables, from earrings to magnets, from cushions […]

How to be a Real Geek in 4 Lessons

This concerns as well boys than girls! Being a geek isn’t a matter of gender, but a matter of interest: whether famous games, cult movies, addictive social networks or the good guys superheroes – everybody has a sort of geek side. It reminds us old memories or simply our passion! But I have to warn […]

Tea is Pure Awesomeness – the Best Facts

At this time of the year, almost everybody is sitting in front of the computer, with a cup of tea in the hand (it is probably the case for half of you people!). For the rebels who aren’t sipping at their cup, I’ll show you enough reasons to think about it twice! It isn’t the […]

Let’s Escape in a Dreamy Land with JU Jewels!

Raffaela Ciccia is a Rome-based jewelry designer. Being early supported by her mother to pursue a work in which she can express her creativity and fantasy, she developed a multifaced creativity. She worked as a restorer and decorator and so acquired over the years a deep knowledge of ancient and classical techniques and iconographic repertoires […]