Here’s a special post for children again (we already talked about Toys for Children, do you remember?).┬áBecause Christmas is the best time of the year for them!┬áSo they don’t have to be disappointed. And what is the most important for a small child? Exactly: the right teddybear, doll, soft toy, doudou, or whatever you call […]

Ideas for Your Christmas Themed Table Decoration

Now, almost everything is ready for Christmas! You already prepared all the gifts? Well, then you just need to take care of the real parties : Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve… There are so many occasions! Whether you choose to celebrate them in the traditional way, by opting for a classic menu, […]

For Christmas: Gifts Under 25 Euro With Maximum Effect

It is the final spurt spurt now – only few days left to Christmas!! But I know that some of you are still looking for gifts, each year we try to be early and each time we don’t have time, we’re not inspired… Only excuses!;) But I have a solution for you: if your budget […]

How to Wrap Your Gifts for Christmas with Few Tools

During the last weeks, we talked a lot about Christmas gifts, because we know exactly how much anxiety can cause indecision for us in choosing the most appropriate gift. But now that you found all your gifts, I have a question: do you have an idea on how to wrap them? Because if it is […]

For Christmas: Fashion Jewelry Under 25 Euro for Any Type of Girl

Here we are. You have a gift for every single person of your family, but… Not for your best friend! Is she a girl? Puhh, in this case, don’t miss this post. We thought a lot about it too, and came to the conclusion that a safe bet is fashion jewelry. No worries, age doesn’t […]

La Grig and The Art of Creating Cute Little Monsters

Today, we will talk about the original stuffed animals made by La Grig! They are bizarre and funny characters imagined by Elena Grigoli, also known as La Grig. Elena graduated from the Disney Academy in Milan and spent a year in Turin to work for Qui Communicazione and finally returned to her hometown Verona. She […]

For Christmas: Gifts for The Home – Decorative and Functional Ideas

We all have a colleague, an aunt, a cousin, or a friend for which it’s just difficult to find a gift! With clothing and accessories you are likely to go too personally, and if you don’t know their taste very well of if these are too difficult, you might totally miss the target. You could […]

For Christmas: Toys For Your Kids

Here we go: the 5th round of Christmas Gifts is here. Once again, Blomming is coming to the rescue of desperate people looking for Christmas gifts! This time, our lovely children are in the focus. So let’s take a look on original toys which will for sure please the smallest ones. A rocking chair – […]

For Christmas: Gifts Under 50 Euro

Our journey continues! Our goal? Helping you to overcome Christmas stress by finding your gifts on Blomming. Until now, we tried to give you useful ideas of (also handmade) products to impress your family, friends, partner – sometimes beautiful, sometimes simply crazy! Today, we’re proposing you another selection based on budget: below, you will find […]

Mabel Morri – Illustrations and Drawings which Touch your Heart

Today, I would like to talk about a new illustrator who landed on Blomming only a few weeks ago, but who has already caught our hearts! Her name is Mabel Morri, she was born in Rimini in 1975 and she graduated from the School of Comics in Milan. Mabel says of herself that she draws […]