Yes! Christmas is around the corner and as with every year its time to foster that Christmas spirit into your home. What better way to do this than to fill up on our wonderful decorations that will put you, and all those that behold them, into a festive mood. Some of my favourites are the nativity scenes […]


Kokeshi And Daruma Dolls: Welcome JapanPrimavera!

Ever since their very firstday at Blomming, JapanPrimavera conquered the whole Staff. Not that we were inexperienced with kawaii products, but JapanPrimavera is different.  Their creations are not only adorable, but cute and pretty. Their Kokeshi dools, their Maneki Neko and their mini Daruma are in fact produced by craftsmen in Japan and represent the perfect meeting point between Japanese […]


Remote Places And Fantasies: Kenditarzim, from Turkey

“I can’t understand a word, erm, it seems..Turkish to me.” A classic, isn’t it?.  But this is not the case because there is not much to read. These are books full of white sheets, drawn bythe Community, decorated with a laser. And beautiful. They come from Kenditarzim, a Turkish startup. It’s funny to see emerge more […]

Fall's Essentials

Falls Essentials

Let’s face it: going from summer to fall can be painful. Even more than that: it can be traumatic. But luckily there are some tricks to make the shift waaay more pleasant. I bet you can guess what I’m talking about: shopping therapy! According to the new trends, black is back (again) and we’re all […]