A Virtual Vintage Stall

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You guessed it from the title, My Oblomova is a shop filled with many amazing vintage items. While browsing through the pages you’ll feel as you would at a vintage market: you’ll come across a little treasure after the other and you won’t be able to stop looking and stop wishing you could possess each […]

Art Of Joy: Wee Wooden Wonders

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Art Of Joy: a shop filled with lovely handmade wooden wonders. As you can easily imagine, I fell for the wooden jewelry: light, colorful and detailed pieces that remind me of those lazy summer afternoons spent on the beach. But as I said, is not all about jewelry; have […]

Sunday Shuffle: Our Woolly Best

Here at Blomming Sunday is a special shuffle-shopping day! This week we are proposing a shuffle of our top 5 wool products to help you get through these cold winter months. 1) Anna Sigi’s shop and her ‘Collana Frandosa’. Frankly one of my favourites, this necklace is simple yet stylish and its woollen texture gives […]

Mila Anufrieva’s Feminine Fashion

Mila Anufrieva is a russian eclectic professional based in Milan with an amazing background in the fashion industry. Fashion consultant, entrepreneur, luxury brands representative and founder of fashion brand Vanity, she’s currently the mind behind Mila Anufrieva Lifestyle Atelier, where she offers priceless fashion consulting. Being that busy, you’d think she could never find the time […]

Forward-Thinking Fashion By Lidia Tomkow

I love when I get to find new talents with brilliant and fresh ideas. You know, when it comes to fashion it is vital to have some really original pieces, especially since we all shop from the same high street brands and it happens far too often to be wearing the same thing as the […]

Sunday Shuffle: Valentine’s Shopping

Here at Blomming Sunday is a special shuffle-shopping day! Each Sunday we will propose a collection of great bits and bobs we have run into over the course of the week. This way you get to relax  as we have done all the research for you. Make sure you turn it into a regular visit every Sunday… Happy Blomming! […]

Beautiful Handcrafted Bags By Tosca

I’ll admit that I can’t get enough of bags (well, actually I can’t get enough of shoes either but, seriously, nobody can, right?), so of course when I saw these handcrafted leather bags my heart missed a beat. There’s something really special about a bag which is entirely designed  and crafted by hand. Every stitch […]

Fashion Design for the Little Ones

Behind Sindy Couture there’s Sindy, a lovely french dress maker based in Oslo. She designs and sews clothes of the best quality. Her style is perfect for the cutest little girls and boys who want to be comfortable and playful, while looking lovely and chic. Along with clothes, she creates the sweetest accessories, such as […]

Bubamara: Design That Keeps You Warm

  Today it’s raining ouside and we are locked in our houses sipping hot chocolate while thinking that winter will never go away. When it’s so cold and dark, only 2 things can lift our mood. One is chocolate (and we have already mentioned it), the other one is finding some lovely accessories that can […]

A Vintage Venture

Vintage clothing, vintage accessories, vintage glasses, vintage bags, vintage bikes … the list goes on and there is no denying that Vintage as a style is living a golden moment as it becomes ever more popular. Here on Blomming we have a wonderful collection of all kinds of vintage products. Velvet cave is a brilliant example […]