You already know what is Pinterest and how to use it so it’s time we go a step further and go into details about the advantages of Pinterest for your Shop. If you think Pinterest is just a great tool to publish pictures of your products and make publicity, you are right but you will also […]

Best Tips for Perfect Social Media Posts

Every Monday we give you some tips about how to use better your social media and how to make your shop better for increase your sales. It´s our Seller Tips Column. This Monday we bring you a summary of how to make the best post in each of the social networks. As we already know, […]

Rich Pins and Twitter Cards : New Way To Expose Your Products Now On Blomming

  Pinterest and Twitter launched some new features that can help you advertise your product in those social networks.  Of course Blomming could not be out,  so our Tech Team worked fast in order to be first to deliver you this new features. And here we are: Rich Pins and Twitter Cards are now available on […]

Which Social Network Is “The One” For Your Business?

  Nowadays, everybody knows that social networks are very important for any business! It allows us to understand the expectations and desires of our viewers, inform, involve and obtain valuable information about the current trend or direction that our market is taking. The choice today is really wide: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare, […]

Pinterest: What Is It And How to Use It with Your Shop

Created in 2009 and launched in early 2010, Pinterest has really changed the game. It is a visual social network which pleases the eyes of those who use images as inspiration or work. Users share photos that are posted on a virtual “wall” and group them in boards. The site layout brings to mind that […]

Pinterest Drives Traffic To Online Shops. And Now Is On Blomming!

Now everybody knows it: Pinterest is one of the most interesting applications of recent times. Crazy fast and easy to use, it allows you to create visual collections through boards that are really beautiful to look at. We started using it few times ago, and here are our selections. Pinterest is rallying very fast and, as you can see in the infographic […]