Today we will try to help you take your first steps into the world of social networking. We have already talked about “Which social network is “the One” for your business” should use according to your content and the type of audience target. But how to get started “tweeting”, “pin” or post on Facebook? And what is […]

Shipping Profiles: How It Can Increase Your Sales

Imagine you are exploring the Blomming Marketplace when you find that special item you were looking for. It´s exactly as you wanted and the price is great but when you go to check out… the store do not deliver it in your country. Would you give up and search another item or will you send […]

Simple and Sucessful Tips to Use Facebook For Customer Care

Facebook , as we talked about here, is a great showcase for your products and your shop. On Blomming, around 1 in every 3 sales are made on Facebook. However, Facebook can also be a great tool for taking good care of your customers and be sure that they will come back for more.  Besides the […]

An Effective Marketing Strategy? Try the Word of Mouth

On Blomming you can open your online Shop and Sell your products all over the world.  But, you still have to get those customers to find your store… so how do you do it? Word of Mouth can be one answer :) Since man began to sell, about 5,000 years ago, the word-of-mouth is a […]

Rich Pins and Twitter Cards : New Way To Expose Your Products Now On Blomming

  Pinterest and Twitter launched some new features that can help you advertise your product in those social networks.  Of course Blomming could not be out,  so our Tech Team worked fast in order to be first to deliver you this new features. And here we are: Rich Pins and Twitter Cards are now available on […]

Open a Blog With Blogspot and Start Selling Online

For the few of you who don’t have a blog yet, here an post that nobody have written yet (!) how to open a Blog. Joking apart, with the rising of social networks it seems that we lost a bit our habit of “blogging” and there was even someone who recently announced the death of the […]

DIY: Small “Photo Studio”

Today I want to talk about a key concept in Online sales:  The online shopping starts and ends with the eyes and so,  a good photo is essential. Think that the item photo is part of the buying process. In your Blomming Shop the customer is not able to see “in person” or to touch a product, so […]

Which Social Network Is “The One” For Your Business?

  Nowadays, everybody knows that social networks are very important for any business! It allows us to understand the expectations and desires of our viewers, inform, involve and obtain valuable information about the current trend or direction that our market is taking. The choice today is really wide: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare, […]

Seller Tips: How To Use Twitter

In the previous Seller Tips articles we discussed the enormous potential of the various social networks, which are used not only by people but also (and increasingly) by small and large companies. Nowadays, it seems clear that any company present on Social Media should be prepared to answer any kind of question, in a fast, […]

Blomming’s Latest Feature: Bring your eBay Store to Facebook

Blomming is a Social Commerce Platform addressed to both Buyers and Sellers, so we recently thought: where do these online profiles usually meet and interact? On Facebook, of course! Consequently, we worked hard to release this feature dedicated to eBay sellers, the possibility of easily import all your products in a few minutes and bring […]