Which is the busiest shopping day of the year (especially in the United States)? Okay, the answer is easy as it is written in the title: it is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the first official day of the beginning of Christmas Shopping. But did you know that the name is coming from the […]

5 Facebook Apps That Will Change your Life

 Did you already open a Facebook Page for your business? If not, it is time for it: check here why you should and how to easily do so. Once you have set up one, we should focus on HOW you can manage easily your Page and WHICH tools you should consider for making it even better. […]

Success Case on Blomming: IdeaCalcio

Today, we are pleased to introduce a recent successful case of a Blomming Shop: IdeaCalcio. Because great stories begin with Blomming! IdeaCalcio – the art of being out of orders within 30 minutes. The story seems incredible – but possible, thanks to Blomming ;) Diego Franzoso is a Football instructor and Coach of the basis […]

Easy Steps to Make your Blog Outstanding

Last week we talked about choosing the Best Blog Platform to you. Now, once you opened your blog, you will have to think about…the rest! And we are here to help you do it! First, you have to think about the question: Why does my Blog exist? What do I want to communicate with it? […]

Choosing your Blogging Platform

Some time ago we talked about how to open a Blog on Blogspot. One of the most famous blog platforms in the world.  But maybe other Blogging Platforms are more appealing to you. It all depends of your profile. Are you a… … occasional Blogger? Probably Blogger is then the most suitable for you. It is […]

Make Money with Pinterest!

You already know what is Pinterest and how to use it so it’s time we go a step further and go into details about the advantages of Pinterest for your Shop. If you think Pinterest is just a great tool to publish pictures of your products and make publicity, you are right but you will also […]

4 Steps For a Successful Online Shop

Every Monday we come to you with the best tips to make your Blomming Shop shine and grow. It’s our Seller Tips Column. However, we are in a very special time of the year, the Holidays Season. It’s on that time of the year when most of the e-commerce shops make the highest profit. We […]

Product Title and Description: How To Do It Right?

In addition to beautiful photos  there are other techniques that help the consumer make his mind at the time of making the purchase. The search is the main way that customers use to find products. Therefore, the description, the title and tags must be made with great care in time to register them. Check out […]

8 Tips to Make Your Shop Shine During Holidays Using Social Network

The biggest shopping days of the year will be here soon: Halloween, Thanks Giving -and with him Black Friday and Cyber Monday- Hanukkah, The Green Monday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve. For make your Blomming Shop rock during the holiday season, you have to start working on it now. For helping you on it, we want to give you some […]

Best Tips for Perfect Social Media Posts

Every Monday we give you some tips about how to use better your social media and how to make your shop better for increase your sales. It´s our Seller Tips Column. This Monday we bring you a summary of how to make the best post in each of the social networks. As we already know, […]