A great way to improve your Blomming shop’s performances is having access to the traffic data that arrive in your shop. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can get tons of information about your visitors: how many they are, where they come from, if the visits convert (if they end up in a sale or not), […]

Social Media Lovers: How to Choose the Items to Promote

As you already know, it’s not necessary having something to sell to participate in the Blomming community! Thanks to the Social Affiliation program, everyone can promote different products, earning a percentage, when these products are sold. If you are a Social Media Lovers, and you have a lot of followers on your blog or on social networks, […]

Boost Your Sales: Yes, You Can. Try Videos

As you probably know, one of Blomming’s latest updates is the option of adding a Youtube video to every product of your Shop for a better display and promotion. Videos can be  all-around content: photos, music, practical explanations, production processes, personal stories and so on. They also allow any Seller to approach the user in a direct way and […]

Sales Time: Join #BlommingSale

Party is over, they say. Are you sure though? It’s Sales Time! Sales are the perfect chance for your Shop to activate and engage your Community: sellers can easily generate more orders and this means make more money, but they can also renew the products in stock, while customers are attracted and rewarded by the […]

Ideas of New Year’s Resolutions for Your Blomming Shop

I’m so excited! Tomorrow evening, the final countdown will begin – ready for the new year and its surprises? We at Blomming are absolutely ready for it! And, as usual, we want to be the best Help for our Blommers to have a bright business. So, of course we are all thinking about personal resolutions, […]

Social Affiliation: Increase Your Sales Thanks to Promoters

Christmas is the only time of the year where you make multiple purchases in general and especially online. Why not take advantage of this? As the time is running out, you don’t have much time to work on your products, but you have plenty of opportunities to advertise as much as possible your creations/products. How? […]

Keeping your Customers Satisfied in few Easy Steps

Instead of giving advices on HOW to sell this time, I found another subject interesting enough to discuss about… Your customers! Because the success of a Shop doesn’t appear by magic. If you do a good job, meaning that you sell amazing products on Blomming and on other networks, it’s great. If you fulfil these […]

Pre-Christmas Sales: Fixing Concrete Goals and Achieving them

 We dedicated last week’s Seller tips to 7 Things you Should Do to Increase your Online Sales for Christmas. Did you do your homework? Did you already “fix tour stocks” and “polish your virtual window” for the time of year where there are the most orders and online sales? Well, then there is nothing left […]

7 Things you Should Do to Increase your Online Sales for Christmas

The end of the year is a wonderful period! You rest, you’re with your family, the atmosphere is serene and there are sweets, but… It is also the time of year with the most online purchases! Think about it: gifts, decorations, treats, greeting cards, table decorations… It isn’t a secret that e-commerce is growing steadily; […]

How to Sell Food Products Online

This time, Blomming has the pleasure to introduce Daniele Vinci, who is responsible for ComunikaFood. He’s an expert in online marketing and sales for food and wine. He gave us great tips to stand out from the crowd in the world of E-shops selling food . I know what you’re thinking. Want to see if […]