Facebook is not only a fun tool to use with friends but also a powerful way to promote your business or go for some branding. Our sellers are well aware of its effectiveness thanks to the Facebook Shop powered by Blomming, which is directly connected to your Blomming account and allows you to sell from […]

5 Must Every Small (and Big) Company Should Check and Work On

Many of the shops you’ll find on Blomming are solely owned by creative people who managed to make a work out of  their main passion – or at least they are trying to! Fashion designer, creative talent, designer, artist, artisan. People who work hard to turn themselves into community managers, graphic designers, photographers or copy […]

7 Free Tools to Improve your Online Presence… and Sell More!

Few weeks ago we talked about the modifications done to the Facebook Edgerank and what these changements have meant for pages administrators. It seems like the only way to share efficiently will be toward payment, as for the promoted post. To manage this difficult situation we would like to introduce you 8 free tools to improve […]

How to Improve your Conversion Rate for Better Performances

During the last weeks we already talked about the Conversione Rate, which is percentage of sales you do, compared to the number of visits your shop has received. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can have access to very important data which help you study the behaviour of visitors on your shop. But how to analyze those […]

Online Sales: 5 Great Tips to have Happy Customer… and keep them Happy

The internet has really changed the way we shop. Competition is high, both online and offline, why someone should choose your items? Together with prices and products’ uniqueness, there is another very important element that can make a difference: customer care! Several studies and researches shows that “yes, customers are willing to pay a higher […]

New Facebook Algorithm: what changes for Fanpages?

In the last weeks lots of people talked about it as the “algorithm that penalizes pages” and, of course, we are talking about the new important announcement made by Facebook about its Edgerank’s adjustment. Perhaps you already noticed some changes on you pages, such as less interaction like Comments, Shares and Likes, but what is really […]

Other 4 Tips on Pricing your Handmade Goods

Last week we started talk about pricing, and especially about deciding  prices for your handmade goods. As it seems a pain in the neck for lots of us, we choose to study further the topic and introduce you 4 tips to improve your shop’s performance throughout some easy test!   Differences are making a difference! It’s […]

How to Price your Handmade Items, on Sale Online?

Deciding the right price for products on sale, could be difficult, and is often considered an hard rock on the path to online sales. Whether choosing widely-known products’ prices seems easier, it’s equally true that making a decision on handmade product, often made by our hands, it’s much more complicated. To start, remember that prices are not […]

5 Tips to Write Product Descriptions that Work… and Sell

When you are trying to sell something online, its description can be the element that decides the sale! It’s the other tool you have, together with the pictures, to persuade your customers. Writing tags, title and description in the correct way means increasing the possibilities you have to resolve  the sale: on one hand you […]

Just 4 Steps, for your Next great Video Product

We already talked about creating videos to better present your products and boosting the sales of your Blomming shop. Today, instead, we would like to approach videos from their technical side: some tips and advices on how to create the best video product, even if you never created a video before!