Here’s a special post for children again (we already talked about Toys for Children, do you remember?). Because Christmas is the best time of the year for them! So they don’t have to be disappointed. And what is the most important for a small child? Exactly: the right teddybear, doll, soft toy, doudou, or whatever you call […]

Blomming´s Newsletter: Kids and Family Special

A Persian quote says : “Children are a bridge to Heaven.”  Been a mother is a gift I still haven’t got yet but I am a proud aunt and there is no bigger bless then having a lovely young child in your family.   Thinking about that, Blomming have created the category Family and Kids where you can […]

Fantasy: Make Way for Magicians, Dragons, Witches, Orcs …

Hello to all Blommers. A few days ago we decided to open our Pandora’s box and let loose all its contents… guess what came out? Our brand new Fantasy collection!!! We have been surrounded by trolls, witches, dragons, and fairies… an enchanted platform. We discovered that, close up, the orcs of Raccolor art are quite terrifying… […]

The Blomming Ghost

Blomming is now haunted! We have our very own ghost! Check out MiFantasma’s shop to get your canned ghost! And if things get scary, remember you can always call the Ghostbusters!

Shuffle: How Does Santa Choose His Presents?

As Christmas gets ever closer its time to make sure that Santa brings the kiddies some wonderful presents. But, contrary to what is commonly believed, Santa doesn’t always know what each little-person wants. This year we recommended he take a look at our complete collection of Gifts for Kids. Push-cars should not be limited by […]

kids clothes

Beautiful Patterns By Leah Reena Goren

Leah Reena Goren is a talented illustrator and pattern designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She just graduated this year from Parsons School of Design, but she already has an impressive portfolio as well as a very personal style. She illustrates beautiful patterns that then become lovely dresses, accessories, prints, scarves and whatever her imagination suggests […]