La cravate du chien is a jewelry label created by Daphne, a graphic designer from Greece who loves cats and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and who dreams of having a vegetable garden of her own. Her jewelry is based on colorful and fun illustrations. She knows how to portrait the cutest creatures and things in life […]

Keep Warm And Stylish With Taller Textil

These days every single time I go outside I hear in my mind the first words of that old song “when the weather outside is frightful…”. And, let me tell you, is not because I’m extremely into Christmas mood (well, actually I might be just a tiny bit obsessed, but that’s not the point now). […]

The Romantic World Of The Magpie And The Wardrobe

Sam McKechnie is a talented artist based in UK who creates lovely fashion fripperies, as she loves to call them. She uses vintage fabric, charms, flowers, leather strings that the puts together to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry as well as little accessories, whimsy stationery and tiny fairies filled with lavender (how cool […]

Silver And Rough Stones In The Artisanal Jewelry Of Virginie Martin

Today I want to introduce you the french-canadian artisan jeweler Virginie Martin. She’s got a degree from L’École de Joaillerie de Montréal (where she’s based). She uses nobles metals and stones which she combines to create a timeless and quite elegant jewelry that will suit several kind of women and styles. I particularly love how she […]

pawle 1

Hand Drawn Jewelry By Elizabeth Pawle

Elizabeth Pawle is a Suffolk based illustrator who creates modern and minimal jewelry from her drawings. Even though she leaves close to the coast, her illustrated world is inhabited by bears, raccons, sea otters and mountains which makes it even more amazing and nice to explore. Her jewelry range includes necklaces, brooches, bangles and hair […]

Superfumi's Illustrated World

Superfumi’s Illustrated World

As her website says: get ready for illustration-fashion! Claudia Fumagalli aka Superfumi is a London-based Italian illustrator who transformed her hand drawn illustrations into lovely jewelry. Her first collection, The Enchanted Forest, is all about magic, childhood memories and fairy tales. Superfumi’s jewelry will suit any casual and laid-back style adding a quirky and dreamy twist. In […]

Unique Jewelry By Natalia Milosz-Piekarska

Australia based Natalia Milosz-Piekarska is a graduated jeweller and artist with an incomparable ability to mix colors, shapes and textures. Her works are cheerful and colorful and yet they have some mysterious elements. This is most likely due to Natalia’s love for all things spiritual when it comes to ornamention. Being very interested in amulets […]


The Purple Balloon: Where Wire & Resine Meet

The Purple Ballon is a jewelry brand which is all about very delicate and quite dreamy pieces which are all handmade by greek designer Triada. Wire and resin are two techniques that are usually kept apart. Triada shows us how they can work together by creating stunning pieces of jewelry. Each item is very light […]