Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Art Of Joy: a shop filled with lovely handmade wooden wonders. As you can easily imagine, I fell for the wooden jewelry: light, colorful and detailed pieces that remind me of those lazy summer afternoons spent on the beach. But as I said, is not all about jewelry; have […]

The Beauty Spot

As usual I was aimlessly browsing Flickr and there they were: gorgeous and beautifully styled pictures. My fashion alarm started to ring and I suddenly knew that I just had to know more about the artist who created those images. Behind The Beauty Spot there are Polina and Sergey, an utterly creative couple of jewelry designers from […]

Lacey – Vintage Inspired Diy Projects

Oh, the good old lace! Personally it is one of the thing I always, always look for when I’m thrifting or browsing a charity shop. Maybe you’re wondering what’s to love in some dusty yellowed lace. Well, it’s the magic in it: the stories it tells, the smell of the past and, of course, its […]

Fashionable Studded Collar Diy

Here we are again with yet another idea for a lovely collar. They’re still in fashion and not going away anytime soon, so we’d better pile up as many as we can, right? The one that i’ve found today meets also the seasonal leather trend, so you can’t really ask for more! Wondering how to […]

Playful Paper Bracelets DIY

Paper is the new gold. Or, at least, it’s much easier to find and to work with. Needless to say, it is also lot of fun, especially because paper enables to play with colors, textures and shapes. Justina Yang from Where Techy Meets Pretty + Etc presents us with this amazing tutorial to create some lovely […]

A DIY Shiny Rhinestone Necklace

Here’s the perfect accessory to be the most shining lady at any party: a sparkling collar to craft with your own hands. It seems too lovely to be true and yet it’s quite simple to make. Just pop over to the In Honor Of Design blog to find a step-by-step tutorial. Once it is done, pair it […]

Cute Jewelry by Peu De Chose

If you, like me, love a cute and girly look, then you will love these adorable bijoux by Peu De Chose. Colorful, playful and cute jewelry to dress up  every basic look and give it a stylish touch. In the shop you’ll find accessories for the hair and beautiful necklaces. Personally I’m in love with […]

Cute Accessories By FieltroCrochet

Today I’m going to introduce you to the cutest shop, which sells the cutest little accessories: FieltroCrochet. Crochet, felt and hand-sewing: three lovely techniques to create tiny pieces of art to wear and to brighten up your day and outfit. In the shop you’ll find so many nice things to make any girl happy, from the […]

DIY Tassel Earrings

This is exactly the kind of idea you need on a January evening or weekend: easy, relaxing, fun and it is going to bring a pop of color to the dullness of winter. A lovely tutorial that I’ve found on Blog A La Carte  to make yourself a pair of stunning and colorful earrings. I […]

The Cufflink Strikes Back

RubberSoulCollection has only just joined Blomming, but she’s already a favourite of ours with her collection of geek accessories and sci-fi jems. Her collection of Star Wars cufflinks is something every fan of this science fiction milestone must have. From the funny R2D2 to the menacing Darth Vader these geek accessories are perfect to be worn […]