Paper Leaf has been with us for a while, and since they joined we have been following her paper jewellery with increased interest. In the past few days she has added still more great items to her collection, and I could not resist letting all you Blommers know about it! With an extra twist and […]

Morgana’s Eco Friendly Body Jewellery

Morgana is a shop based in Turin that focuses on the recycling of materials, mostly the inner tubes of used tires. Whether it be the used inner tube of a truck, a bicycle or a car, Morgana is able to tranform these discarded objects into genuinley beautiful jewellery. Many of her pieces play with geometric […]

Bijoux Fantaisie en Verre

Glass jewellery with a pinch of fantasy. This and so much more at Bijoux Fantaisie en Verre‘s shop, whose delightful items have caught our attention right from day one. These products are made on demand and therefore almost all one of a kind articles, making them perfect for all those lovers of Bijoux jewellery out there. […]

Welcome Virginie Martin Studio

Welcome Virginie Martin Studio! This great Blomming shop, straight from Canada, had already caught our attention with their products, and the new ones that have been uploaded are even better. Virginie Martin specialize in handmade jewellery, made with all sorts of materials: from sterling silver to pearls and stones. They combine original design and an eye […]

Miss Nebel Handmade Jewellery

Miss Nebel recently joined Blomming, and since she has been with us her handmade jewellery has been on our list of featured items regularly. The style is distinct and pretty much unique, especially as each item is made as a one of a kind with only very few models being repeated, and even then mostly […]

Super Necklaces From Portugal

When I saw the Chica Missanga neckalces I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that spring is on it’s way! Her shop is a monument to colour, frills and forms. Chica Missanga isn’t a jewellery shop, it is a lot more whilst being a shop solely for necklaces, or better: super necklaces. Her creations don’t refelct classical necklaces with their […]


Words To Wear

Aren’t words one of the best ways to express ourselves? Whether it’s a feeling, a season, the name of one you love or even the name of your cat, here’s one of the prettiest ways to express what you feel through words: wearing them on your neck! I’ve found the tutorial on Randomly Happy, a […]

The Silver Boutique

The Silver Boutique is a US based shop that has been delivering high quality silver jewellery since 2009 and just recently joined Blomming. Their wide array of beautiful bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces make up a stock of around 10,000 items …  you are quite literally spoilt for choice! Renowned for their customer service and ability […]

Quirky Jewellery By Brilì Arte

Are you into quirky, boho and colorful style? If so, then let me introduce you to Brilì Arte, a shop filled with the most lovely jewelry. Each piece seems to come from a fairy tale, so delicate and vibrant. I bet you’d feel magical simply wearing one! My favorite one is the little Friendship Mushroom […]

Leather Bracelet Diy

I always thought that a leather bracelet is a must-have accessory. Because, if you get the right design, it can really suit any style and add a special touch to any outfit. Plus it can be worn in any season, which makes it even more versatile, so it doesn’t surprise that I’m always looking for […]