An Inspiring Pep Talk

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This Saturday I want a video to do the talking for me. This inspiring Pep Talk is exactly what you need to keep going: We are all in the same team! Have a Blomming Weekend.

We are Proud to Present our Brand New Blomming… What Are Your Impressions?

For all the Blommers out there, we are very proud to announce our brand new Homepage! We are very excited as it represents a brand new phase in our rapidly expanding business. This is the first of many steps to come in our design overhaul, that will make Blomming not only a lot more beautiful […]

International Women’s Day

How wonderful! A whole day dedicated to The Love of Women. So what exactly is the International Women’s Day? International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world as a way of recognizing women’s achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. This is the 101st edition of an event that has marked the striving […]

Endurance: A voyage across the Antarctic

Sir Ernest Shackelton was a British explorer who gained much fame for his intrepid adventuring during the first half of the 20th century. In particular his expedition in 1914, that aimed to cross the Antarctic on foot, gave birth to one of the most incredible survival stories ever told. The Antarctic was virtually unexplored at the time […]

Art From Steel, Hand Crafted Steel Artwork

Art from Steel. The name says it all. From small to giant, from animal to alien, these genuine pieces of Art have left us without words. The size of these creations isn’t the only baffelling thing, it’s also the detail and incredibly realistic poses that these artists are able to give their creations. For example […]

Power To Social Media Lovers! The Social Affiliation News

Thanks to all for participating! The responses we got after yesterdays event at the Social Media Week have been very positive, filling us all with pride and a sense of achievement. We announced our new Social Affiliation system – keep reading for more information – and talked about: Social Commerce, use of Facebook, blogs and Social Media in general, […]

Surfboards for Non-Surfers

Everyone who has seen a Surfing video of the sunny golden beeches of Hawaii, or some other tropical heaven, has dreamt of dropping everything and becoming a surfer! Unfortunately reality has always stood in the way of these grand prospects. We had already been enticed into the surfers way of life with Gwen Velge’s photography (below […]

Beauty comes from the Inside

“Happy Girls are the prettiest” – Audrey Hepburn -> If Audrey Hepburn says so, and she definetly knew a thing or two about beauty, style and seduction, then you have to believe it! Staying positive and being happy isn’t all that easy though, but remember to smile even when things look grey… and life will […]

Bring Together Tradition and Innovation with Cheese!

We are very proud to present Formaggi Zoff, an excellent example of how you can unite tradition with innovation. This family run farm is specialized in the rearing of a special breed of Italian cows, namely the Pezzata Rossa Italiana, whose milk is used in their dairy factory to create raw milk derived cheese and yogurt. […]

Keep Calm And …

This Saturday I want to inspire you with a collection of Keep Calm gems that we have here on Blomming. You can find these and many more on Tshirtsbay’s shop as well as the wonderful keep calm earrings in ArsMonilia’s shop. And remember in case all else fails you can always rely on the superheroes; just make sure you Keep […]