This weeks inspirational post is dedicated to Alan Watts, a famous western philosopher who conducted in depth studies in many fields, including Buddhist philosophy, and culminating in his most famous text, The Way of Zen. This inspirational video speaks a thousand words and will motivate you to choose according to criteria that are not solely […]

Beauty Lies Within

How we view ourselves is a vital component of our self-confidence and ultimate happiness. It is important that one be able to appreciate  ones own beauty and to be able to view yourself in kind eyes, for we all know that: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Dove have produced an inspiring video that goes […]

Ai wei wei-sunflower seeds-sunflower tate modern-ai wei wei tate modern-sunflower exhibition

Chew ‘Seeds of Bliss’ For Peace

This saturday I want to talk to you about a fun and inspiring initiative, undertaken by an Israeli artist called Noam Edry, that tries to bring together Israelis and Palestinians using their common love for Sunflower seeds. The Project is called Seeds of Bliss. When eating Sunflower seeds you chew through the shell which is then […]

Save Water

Well you might think it’s not quite the right time to start talking about saving water, what with all the rain that has been falling recently, but you cannot run from the fact that accross the world water shortages are amongst the biggest causes of famine and nutritional problems. In Africa alone around 345 million […]

Creativity Is…

Creativity is such a common subject in our lives, we’re all talking about being creative or about the need of thinking outside the box. Some of us even see creativity as something dangerous, something to beware of since often times being creative is associated with being weird or not practical enough. But what is creativity […]

Our Four Legged Friends

Blomming now has some four legged friends! We want to welcome  APA Uberlandia, a Brasilian association for the protection of animals, that invites us to reflect, help and adopt! Let’s make some space for our new friends. Lots of us are accompanied in our everyday life by pets. Cats and dogs that are often great friends […]

The Curious Case of the Flying Chameleons

It is reported that across South America, and rapidly spreading north to the United States, is a plague of flying Chameleons. It is hard to say where they come from and what their intentions are, but it is reported that their alarming rates of procreation and devastating abilities in camouflage mean that they will quite […]

Guerilla Gardening

Cities across the globe have acres and acres of abandoned green spaces. Whether these be the unused sidewalks on the street, or the parking lots and abandoned warehouses that surround the city, it is a known fact that these are very often left unkept and unattended. This has led to a new greeen revolution: Guerrilla […]

The Person of the Year is…. YOU!

This saturday I want to talk about the most important person out there. It isn’t an oilgarc, or a finance king or even the head of a State, but rather it is You: you who are a social individual and engage in worldwide conversations everyday on the internet and social media. In 2006 Times magazine had […]

Happy Father’s Day

To all the fathers out there, have a wonderful day and thank you for being there! Let us all appreciate our Fathers on this special day. And if you want to make your appreciation known with a little present check out our collection for men. Happy Blomming!