This is another inspiring story that reminds us that anything is possible when there is a dream. Dylan Siegel, 6 years, could not sit back and enjoy his normal life knowing that his best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, 7 years old, had been battling a rare and severe, yet no known cure. Jonah has a rare […]

Jordà’s Dreamy Blendscapes Illustrations

It was love on the first sight. No, I don’t talk about somebody. I mean the creations of Spanish artist Oriol Angrill Jordà. Especially his new serie called “Blendscapes”, which  innovative melt women and landscapes together. It looks like double exposure photographies. He uses watercolors, colored pencils and graphite and we can tell that the result is […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

What differentiates the cry of relief and happiness, tears of fear, sadness and despair? Are the details, the hint of a smile through her tears, an air of optimism …. Basically, what we see in The Moment, a film that Cundari Advertising created to publicize the CIBC Run for the Cure. It’s always good to […]

10 Tips To Be Happy

A  study review of 225 studies in the psychological literature, made by two researches from the  University of California, suggests that people who are always happy are in general also successful in many areas of life. Accord to the study, their success is in large part due to their happiness and not the opposite. So, […]

Welcome to Bliive, The Time Exchanging Network

And if suddenly the time you spend interacting on the social networks could be exchanged for something amazing? This is the proposal of Bliive, a new social network that encourages people to share on the web what you do best. Basically works like this: you offer a service; 1 hour of guitar lesson, for example – […]

Travelling: List Shows How Much You Spend Per Day In Various Cities Of The World

  In August, during Summer break is impossible not to think about travelling. It does not matter if is to a city next to yours or to the other side of the world: Is undeniable the value of the a trips in the construction of the human being and the discovery of self and others and […]

Live Like An Artist

How many of us grew up feeling a little ‘… LikePicasso? How do you recognize the artistic talent? Who knows how to distinguish the real talent from what is not and does really makes sense to make this distinction?! Is not every art, art in someway? Whether you acknowledge it, or deny it, we all […]

Clouds by Zach Sobiech

Clouds, by Zach Sobiech, has been a hit on the internet over the past month and it’s not hard to see why… Zach is a true inspiration: diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a few months left to live he decided to do what he liked best and produce a song for his friends and […]

Home: An Inspiring Documentary

This week I want to talk about where we come from, where we live and where we will inevitably one day die. Home. Through the eyes of an incredible documentary we can discover a brand new way of seeing our planet, how it has evolved and what its future prospects are. With a particular emphasis […]

How Women and Girls Are Changing the World

As mothers day approaches I thought it would be interesting to speak of the true influence of Women around the world, and the challenges that they face. Women, who make up half the world’s population, account for 70% of the world’s poor. But out of contexts in which people live in the most inhumane poverty, […]