It’s a Blomming’s world… Blomming loves to travel (I hope you noticed that we speak 5 languages!) and is keen on discovering new places. When we talk about travelling, we usually think about our holidays. Being next to the sea or snowboarding in the Alps – that’s great but not very uncommon. I thought it […]

The Best Pinterest boards for Inspiration and Creativity

Ahh, Pinterest. A great source of inspiration! You surely also have an account on this great Network. Well, it is very inspiring and full of beautiful pictures, even if you easily forget the time… I was wondering: WHO are the best Pinners to follow actually? Let’s take a look of the Top-pinners out there! Let’s […]

Thanksgiving – The feast of Fall, Family and Food

When we think about Thanksgiving, we usually have the same pictures in our minds – such as a big dinner, a family reunion and lots of laughters. But actually, do we know where this feast comes from? Long time ago, in 1620 to be precise, the Pilgrims (the english colonists) went to North America with […]

5 Ideas to Make the Best out of Rainy Days

This november is kind of… rainy. It is difficult to find motivation to go out, so we rather stay comfortably at home. But what can we do that this terrible weather doesn’t affect our mood and makes us want to do nothing? Here some tips and ideas to have a productive day while not putting […]

Human’s Dream of Flying Once Again Achieved by Jetman

What is the most common dream of people? Usually, we dream about having superpowers, such as being invisible, … and the most common one, to fly! ¬†Well, there is a guy who was crazy enough to realize it by himself. His name? Yves Rossy, also known as Jetman – a sort of superhero! What makes […]

Social Media in Real Life: Unbelievable!

Can you imagine a life without our favorite social media channels? Me neither. Spending hours on Facebook chatting. Looking for the perfect picture on Pinterest. Reading the new Blogpost on Tumblr. And so on. But if you think you are the geekest person on earth, I have to disappoint you. There are people litterally living […]

Vestige from the Past: Murano Glassmakers

Venezia, Venezia! O Sole mio… One of the most beautiful and attractive cities in the world undoubtedly is Venice. How many stories are written there inspiring very known writers such as Shakespeare or Mark Twain. Carnival of Venice, Marco Polo or “gondola”: all these words remind us immediately the fascinating Venice! One typical venetian souvenir […]

Motivation is the Key to Success

We are all going through this once: you lost the envy to create something today, or simply the desire to work. You procrastinate. Look at your blank sheet. Stare at your computer. Times like these happen! But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up or put back into quesion your whole concept. What […]

MYO, a Big Step Forward for Technology!

We usually talk about arts, creative people and how to use properly social medias. Now, let’s discuss about HUGE technological innovation, the kind of innovation that will change our lives. You think our world is already technological enough? You’ll be surprised to see that it seems to be only the beginning (even if is deeply […]

Qcamera: the Camera connected to Social Media

Are you prepared for the must-have tech-item of the month? I’m asking you this because I’m already opening my wallet… But back to the story. I have never been lucky with cameras. Or they take the worst pictures of the most breathtaking landscape, or they are dying quickly by falling into the pool. And, finally, […]