DIY Orange Flowers

Categories: Home Decor, Smart Ideas

Here is a clever and simple idea to decorate your house during this dark winter season. First of all you won’t be wasting anything, as all you need  is orange peel. Secondly, because it’s winter time and hence orange time, why not get plenty of vitamin C while having fun decorating the corners of your […]

Operation Last-Minute Decoration!

So this is Christmas and what have you done? Well, you may still argue that it is not Christmas just yet but, hey, with a few hours remaining we’re certainly getting there and… what have you done? If you (just like myself) are late with the operation wild-decoration, then I’m sure you will find this […]

Home Decor: Branch Candle-Holder DIY

You know how much we love home-decor ideas, and this one is truly great! You’ll just need to get a bunch of dry branches (of course I’m not asking you to take them from a tree, just go out for a fresh walk in a park and you’ll find plenty on the ground). Then, all […]

DIY Ornaments With A Vintage Twist

Today I stumbled upon these very pretty DIY ornaments and I just had to share them here with you! They will brighten up every corner of the house, look great hanging from a tree or on a door or as a perfect center-piece on your Christmas table and they’ll also be great fun for your […]

I’m Dreaming Of A… Wooden Christmas

Today I thought I would share with you some of the best christmas-y creativity I found on the web. I’ll particularly share ideas that somehow imply the use of wood.  They’re just a few ’cause there are so many beautiful, interesting and clever things out there that I could write 100 posts. Anyways, let’s get started! I […]

Glittered Stylish Ornaments For A Very Fashionable Christmas

Awww! Don’t know about you, but these are definitely some of the most stylish ornaments I’ve seen around this year. The idea is so simple and the realization so quick and still they look so lovely. They will make the perfect present for your fashion forward mom or friend. You’ll just need to fill some […]

Old Spitalfields Market

Tired of London, tired of life as Samuel Johnson said. And Tired of Spitalfields, tired of shopping I would add. As filled with beautiful markets as London is, there’s no place like The Old Spitalfields Market, one of East London’s gem in the borough of Tower Hamlets. Spitalfields is the place where everything can be found […]


Shuffle: Decorations That Bring the Christmas Spirit Straight To Your Home

Yes! Christmas is around the corner and as with every year its time to foster that Christmas spirit into your home. What better way to do this than to fill up on our wonderful decorations that will put you, and all those that behold them, into a festive mood. Some of my favourites are the nativity scenes […]

My Store Rustic Decor. A Lovely Vintage World

If you love vintage just half as much as I do, then you will adore My Store Rustic Decor by Anita Lindholm. It’s kind of a virtual flea market filled with tons of lovely items that she personally sourced from auction sales and second hand markets around northern Europe. The shop features a great variety […]

How To Create A DIY Hanging Decoration With Feathers

My passion for mobiles – aka hanging decorations – knows no limits and it is greatly shared around the world wide web. There is something about mobiles that makes them the perfect complement for any house (or at least for my not-very-posh-looking flat in London). And there definitely is something about this one that makes […]