If you like Japanese food, you would have probably heard the word Sakura used in tons of menus. It’s a very poetic and evocative term that recall the moment when “all the flowers blossom, in spring“. Isn’t it amazing? We are talking about it, to introduce a stunning new Blomming shop coming from Spain, called Sakura […]

Scented Drawer Linens Bring New Life To Every Drawer

Today we would like to talk about a shop coming from Texas! Actually the real adventure starts in Taipei, China in 1987, when Paul and Margaret found a scented drawer liner. As they remember “Although the quality and design along with the fragrance was not great, they liked the product, and decided to buy some […]

Tikety Toc’s Watches: You Will Want One of These Ones!

You know, I’m the type of girl who doesn’t wear watches. Usually. I changed quickly my mind when I discovered the Tikety Toc Online Shop, which sells maily watches and clocks. But they are just so wonderful!! It is not only to see every time how late I am, but also for the pleasure of […]

Ideas for Your Christmas Themed Table Decoration

Now, almost everything is ready for Christmas! You already prepared all the gifts? Well, then you just need to take care of the real parties : Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve… There are so many occasions! Whether you choose to celebrate them in the traditional way, by opting for a classic menu, […]

For Christmas: Gifts Under 25 Euro With Maximum Effect

It is the final spurt spurt now – only few days left to Christmas!! But I know that some of you are still looking for gifts, each year we try to be early and each time we don’t have time, we’re not inspired… Only excuses!;) But I have a solution for you: if your budget […]

For Christmas: Gifts for The Home – Decorative and Functional Ideas

We all have a colleague, an aunt, a cousin, or a friend for which it’s just difficult to find a gift! With clothing and accessories you are likely to go too personally, and if you don’t know their taste very well of if these are too difficult, you might totally miss the target. You could […]

Pop Art is Back in your House with LarettArt

I have to warn you: once you read this post, you will want to change your home decor. I already think about the new design of my bedroom! Why? This is because I discovered the beautiful Shop of LarettArt. The Shop offers a large choice: from stools to tables, from earrings to magnets, from cushions […]

Wall Stickers: The Trend In Interior Design

  Some time ago, the first alternative to change a room decoration was through creative painting, which although very efficient has high costs and is quite complicate to do.  Another option always involved placing paintings or posters and with it  the need to make studs, damaging the wall. In addition, restricted to rectangular shapes or other […]

July 14th: Fall Of Bastille?

Paris is undoubtedly an elegant city and has admirers worldwide. Its architecture, its museums more than impressive and streets full of charm, amazing monuments,  its importance for the history and and of course,fashion. The city was On July 14th however, on the  Fête de la Fédération as the French call it, the capital of fashion is “invaded” […]


June Is The Wedding’s Month. Here’s How To Finish Up That Perfect Day!

June is just arrived, and this means that quite a few people are currently working on getting everything ready for upcoming weddings. They say that the wedding is the most beautiful day in a person’s life, and what would make it even better? A personalized touch, the attention to details that creates a lovely harmony […]