If you like Japanese food, you would have probably heard the word Sakura used in tons of menus. It’s a very poetic and evocative term that recall the moment when “all the flowers blossom, in spring“. Isn’t it amazing? We are talking about it, to introduce a stunning new Blomming shop coming from Spain, called Sakura […]

Scented Drawer Linens Bring New Life To Every Drawer

Today we would like to talk about a shop coming from Texas! Actually the real adventure starts in Taipei, China in 1987, when Paul and Margaret found a scented drawer liner. As they remember “Although the quality and design along with the fragrance was not great, they liked the product, and decided to buy some […]

Growing Plants On Your Balcony… Even In Big Cities

Have you ever heard about happy degrowth? It could seem an oxymoron to most of us, but instead it’s a successful idea that is catching on into young and innovative enterpreneurs’ projects. It is substantially the deep value of “living better consuming less” through, for example, the practices of self-sufficiency: the possibility to eat just […]

Oh La La : Amangani Arrives At Blomming

A wonderful new design shop has arrived on Blomming, directly from France: Amangani Deco. It all started when Olivier and Virginie met in Paris. From there, tired of the hectic life typical of the French capital, they moved to the countryside, in an area between Bordeaux and Toulouse, where family restored an old colonial house to […]


Spring Parties Decorations With Balloons

Today I want to share with you some ideas to decorate by using balloons. Whether it’s for a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding, balloons are a great way to add a pop of color to any room. You know what,  it doesn’t even need to be a special occasion. But Spring is the perfect […]

DIY Jars Chandelier

This is a stunning project and definitely not an easy one, but the final result is so worth it! Whilst using mason jars for lightning is something quite frequent (they’re often used as candle holders), the idea of using them to build a big chandelier is both fresh and brilliant. The final look is delightfully country […]

Stylish Linen By Turkish Towel Store

They say that when a new year starts, then we can start a new life. And isn’t cleaning up our closets and cupboards kind of a new start? I’m a big fan of out with the old, in with the new and this year I would really love to throw away my old and ugly towels […]

Home Decor: Branch Candle-Holder DIY

You know how much we love home-decor ideas, and this one is truly great! You’ll just need to get a bunch of dry branches (of course I’m not asking you to take them from a tree, just go out for a fresh walk in a park and you’ll find plenty on the ground). Then, all […]

Jimbob Art

Jimbob Art: Art In The Kitchen

Probably not quite the mugs and plates set that your grandma would love but definitely a blast. Jimbob Art hand-drawn ceramics range are animated with quirky and whimsical creatures from the woodland that get to live quite a human life by dressing smart suits or awkward underwear. The espresso cups set would look lovely in any kitchen, […]

columbia flower2

A Day At Columbia Road Flower Market

Here’s one of London’s most beautiful market and definitely a must-see! Columbia Rd Flower Market is a little (quite hidden) gem in the heart of the East End and definitely well worth a visit. On Sundays morning the road begins to bloom (literally!) with all sorts of beautiful flowers and plants. Colors are everywhere and the smell […]