The RedDirtCandleCompany is a shop run by Rebeca Hazaleus whose committment to natural and simple products distingushes her shop from so many others, whose products are filled with endless lists of incomprehensible ingredients. At this shop all items are handmade and composed of 100% natural ingredients for the natural Body and Bath world. As she herself […]

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspiration

If you’re the kind of girl who happily celebrates Valentine’s day, then chances are that you’re putting in  an effort to look perfect on the most romantic of days. Every tiny detail counts, including hands – hey, after all this can be the day of your engagement and you don’t want to wear your beautiful […]

Heavenly Scents by Aromantiche

Aromantiche unites a mix of phytotherapic and creative skills, with herbal knowledge and love for nature to create fabulous gifts. In this shop you can find soaps and candles to get yourself and your house nicely scented while respecting nature and your body. All the products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. I’m in love with […]

A Heart Warming Tea Recipe

Today I want to share a yummy and warming recipe to prepare yourself a delicious tea that will make these dark winter days more bearable. So take out your best china, a cozy blanket and your most comfortable slippers. Curl up in your couch and enjoy a heavenly cuppa. Winter will never be more enjoyable, […]

Homemade Chocolate & Honey Face Mask

We already mentioned how much we love to take care of our beauty in a natural way. This is true even and especially when chocolate is involved. Wait, did I say chocolate?! Yes, we did it again, we found another lovely and luxurious recipe to keep your face glowing and hydrated while smelling like the […]

Festive Nails For Happy Hands

I’m sure by now most of your festive outfits are sorted and planned. As for the make up, all you are going to need is a massive dose of glitter and false eyelashes. But what about your nails? The Nail Network Basically, what works for your outfits and face, will similarly work for your nails: […]

Mint Chocolate Lipgloss DIY

If you are a girl (well, you most probably are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?) then I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love this lipgloss. Not only it is home made – which means it is packed with the most good and lovely ingredients – it also happen to be chocolate-y. So, just to […]

diy-kit 2

Herban Crafts: Beautiful DIY Products for Beauty

You know those grey days when it’s raining outside and you just don’t know what to do with your time? Maybe you’re feeling like doing something, but you don’t know what to do. Sometimes it’s ok not to have new ideas, sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy the process of doing something with your own […]