PeWooden Creations

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Handmade

PeWooden is yet another new addition to Blomming. They are a great example of a shop that produces original handmade items with an inclination toward ‘keeping green’. Their creations come from sustainably sourced wood, whilst at the same time garunteeing high quality materials, they state: ‘The pieces are made out of local hardwoods such as Beech […]

Kitty Loafer Diy

Here’s another one for the cat ladies. Today I found for you these lovely kitty loafers inspired by the beautiful (and oh-so-pricey) Charlotte Olympia’s flats. The project is from the brilliant Erica from P.S. – I Made This… (is there anything else to add? Don’t think so) and the idea is pretty simple: basically only […]

Miss Nebel Handmade Jewellery

Miss Nebel recently joined Blomming, and since she has been with us her handmade jewellery has been on our list of featured items regularly. The style is distinct and pretty much unique, especially as each item is made as a one of a kind with only very few models being repeated, and even then mostly […]

Handmade Crochet

Crochetas is a wonderful shop, based in Spain, that dedicates itself to the sale of Crochet garments of all shapes and forms. They take pride in producing authentic handmade products that ‘are out of any marketing channel that exploits or speculates with life, respecting it in all of its forms.’ Their ethos is clearly reflected in […]


Words To Wear

Aren’t words one of the best ways to express ourselves? Whether it’s a feeling, a season, the name of one you love or even the name of your cat, here’s one of the prettiest ways to express what you feel through words: wearing them on your neck! I’ve found the tutorial on Randomly Happy, a […]


As the old saying goes, a craft a day keeps the boredom away! Well, maybe it isn’t exactly like that, but you know what I mean. Whether you’re a mum with kids to entertain, a student with some time to spare , a creative soul dying to try new techniques or a blogger with one […]

DIY Jars Chandelier

This is a stunning project and definitely not an easy one, but the final result is so worth it! Whilst using mason jars for lightning is something quite frequent (they’re often used as candle holders), the idea of using them to build a big chandelier is both fresh and brilliant. The final look is delightfully country […]

Leather Bracelet Diy

I always thought that a leather bracelet is a must-have accessory. Because, if you get the right design, it can really suit any style and add a special touch to any outfit. Plus it can be worn in any season, which makes it even more versatile, so it doesn’t surprise that I’m always looking for […]

DIY Cat Tights

This is for all the cat-ladies out there. We are just slightly obsessed with our furry friends, they make us happy and we can’t have enough of them, which means that often times we will also wear cat-themed clothes and accessories. Today I’m loving these lovely tights and if you love them as much as […]


Lovely DIY Pom Pom Bookmarks For A Cozy Weekend

Here’s the perfect gift idea for those who love books and yarns. And, of course, Do-it-yourself. These bookmarks are practical, colorful, soft, cozy and so, so cute! So, if you are in need for extra ideas about how to spend the weekend, you can try to assemble them for yourself. Use them as lovely stocking […]