Venezia, Venezia! O Sole mio… One of the most beautiful and attractive cities in the world undoubtedly is Venice. How many stories are written there inspiring very known writers such as Shakespeare or Mark Twain. Carnival of Venice, Marco Polo or “gondola”: all these words remind us immediately the fascinating Venice! One typical venetian souvenir […]

Let’s Escape in a Dreamy Land with JU Jewels!

Raffaela Ciccia is a Rome-based jewelry designer. Being early supported by her mother to pursue a work in which she can express her creativity and fantasy, she developed a multifaced creativity. She worked as a restorer and decorator and so acquired over the years a deep knowledge of ancient and classical techniques and iconographic repertoires […]

The Vinyls are Back to Life! DebrART’s Original Work

Today, I have the pleasure to present a young artist from Bari, Italy: Deborah. If you don’t know her work already, it is highest time to discover it now! Deborah always had a creative path. She studied languages and foreign litteratures in the Bari University and was a member of a band as guitarist, and […]

Stones and Silver: The Art From Virginie

Amazing and Unique Pieces made in Silver and Stones? That´s is Virginie Studio´s , a New Shop from Canada that we now have a pleasure to Welcome to Blomming! Virginie, the artist behind the pieces from VirginieMartinStudio, is from Marieville; a small town near Montreal in Canada. She collected precious jewelry for a long time when […]

Emphasize your look: Supersized Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are everywhere and you surely know this trend. Discovered on runways, worn by many celebrities, adopted by several fashionistas, and well… loved by Blomming! This trend seems to be unstoppable. When can a necklace be considered as an accessory? The answer is easy, when it is exaggeratedly supersized and showy. A necklace can make your outfit unique, and […]

Welcome to Blomming: Martap Necklaces

 A small studio surrounded by a breath taking landscape at Lecco, northern Italy, is the origin of the amazing and unique handmade necklaces that you can find at MartaP‘s store that are now on Sale!  Marta Pirolli is a 37 years old Graphic Designer which currently lives in Lecco, a city located between the  lake and mountains. […]

Luci and Perle By Delia Bijoux: Beautiful Handmade Accessories

It has been so long since we have talked about the art of  handmade jewelry. For a good start this week, however, I decided to tell you about a craftswoman who believed in her passion to such an extent that it becomes almost a job. She is Delia Piccari, known on Blomming and on Facebook, […]

Perle and Vaniglia: Passion For Beauty

Today I want to tell the story of Paoletti. Born in 1985 in Genoa, Italy,  Paola Roncagliolo showed since a early age a strong artistic vein.  Very talented with brushes, colors, pencils and so on, everyone believed that the fate of Paola would have been in the field of visual arts … and more or […]

DIY: Ipad Stand With a Japanese Touch

You own an Ipad? Then you surely have an Ipad case to protect it. But what about a stand for your tech-item? It is practical to have your hand-free to navigate through Blomming at the Ipad. We already know that Blommers love creative ideas so how about making your own? You can make it for you, your […]

Rag Doll Art

Rag Doll Art is the english translation of the shop named Boneca de pano arte. Although they have not been with us for very long they have already caught the attention of our customers with their beautifully creative rag dolls. From this shop you can expect all of the perks of a well run business. […]