What is the most common dream of people? Usually, we dream about having superpowers, such as being invisible, … and the most common one, to fly!  Well, there is a guy who was crazy enough to realize it by himself. His name? Yves Rossy, also known as Jetman – a sort of superhero! What makes […]

MYO, a Big Step Forward for Technology!

We usually talk about arts, creative people and how to use properly social medias. Now, let’s discuss about HUGE technological innovation, the kind of innovation that will change our lives. You think our world is already technological enough? You’ll be surprised to see that it seems to be only the beginning (even if is deeply […]

Qcamera: the Camera connected to Social Media

Are you prepared for the must-have tech-item of the month? I’m asking you this because I’m already opening my wallet… But back to the story. I have never been lucky with cameras. Or they take the worst pictures of the most breathtaking landscape, or they are dying quickly by falling into the pool. And, finally, […]

Enclothed Cognition: What Is It?

We always heard, Dress for Success; Dress for the job you want not the one you have. But did you know that clothes play a great power not only over who sees us but mostly on ourselves? This power to influence the clothes on our psychological processes have been studied and recently earned the name “enclothed […]

The First Sustaintable Newsstand In The World

Here on Blomming , we love innovation. So what about this one: Who has ever bought an entire  magazine or newspaper to read only one or two article could please rise their hand? And have you also thought the amount of waste of paper (and money!) that is caused by the leftover journals and magazines […]

Tile: Never Spend Time Searching For Your Keys Again.

Who has never lost their keys or forgotten which corner of the house dropped the purse can throw the first stone! Tile is, a small device that was created to help with these minor daily inconveniences. Just pin it on the item you want to monitor and voilà. Like several other amazing ideas, the Tile […]

Fliike: Real World Facebook Counter

All brands, shops, sites and almost everything that exists in our real world are constantly concerned about boosting their Facebook Likes to demonstrate how their customers have followed them on the internet, how popular they are. But now, imagine if they could display in real time their likes from Facebook directly into a physical counter […]

Fly Me To The Moon

How many times we dreamed about space travelling? How many movies were made with this plot? Since the mankind step on the moon that we all think if and when we will be able to see the planet earth from the sky. Well, this dream is about to become true, at least for those which […]