Sakuraburgos hasn’t been with us very long, but they sure have made an impression! This spanish based shop has a wide array of different Teas and they take to heart all that which has to do with natural products and spiritual growth. They are specialists in Tea infusions, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and decorative products. If […]

Ideas that Make Life in The Kitchen Easier

Separating the yolk of an egg from the white, if you haven’t had much practice or are in a hurry, can be a real pain! Well now you can just throw everything into the same bowl. And im not asking you to forgo the necessary separation for whatever it is your cooking, but simply intorducing […]

Coffee Mon Amour

If your blood type is coffee, then there’s a chance that we might become best friends. And what’s the most beautiful part to being friends? Sharing! Which is what I’m going to do: share with you some of the most delicious and caffein-y recipes ever. Perfect for a Monday morning! picture found via Lumbricus Anna […]

What’s For Dinner, My Valentine?

As nice as dining out feels, enjoying a home-made dinner for two is even more romantic and intimate and I’m sure that so many of you will prefer to spend Valentine’s day in the peace of your houses. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The only obstacle is that you’ll have to cook, which may be […]

Bring Together Tradition and Innovation with Cheese!

We are very proud to present Formaggi Zoff, an excellent example of how you can unite tradition with innovation. This family run farm is specialized in the rearing of a special breed of Italian cows, namely the Pezzata Rossa Italiana, whose milk is used in their dairy factory to create raw milk derived cheese and yogurt. […]

Romantic Pomegranate Ice Cubes

Saint Valentine’s day is approaching and so I thought that this would be the best time to start sharing some romantic and nice ideas to make it a beautiful day. Shall we start from the kitchen? You might be the best of the cook and have a handful of wonderful recipes, but the truth is […]

Homemade Infused Rosemary Oil

Being italian, I take oil very seriously. Oil is “vital” exactly like coffee. I’m usually quite traditional on my kitchen essentials: good quality, italian origin (when possible) and from a well known and trusted brand. That said, I do like to experiment and try new things from time to time, so as you can imagine, […]

A Heart Warming Tea Recipe

Today I want to share a yummy and warming recipe to prepare yourself a delicious tea that will make these dark winter days more bearable. So take out your best china, a cozy blanket and your most comfortable slippers. Curl up in your couch and enjoy a heavenly cuppa. Winter will never be more enjoyable, […]

Yummy Polka-Dot Cupcakes

We all love cupcakes and, even more so, we all adore cute polka-dot decoration. The good news is that now you can have it all! You’ll just need to follow this amazingly easy recipe on La receta De La Felicidad. Get ready because this is one of those recipes that you will be asked to reproduce for […]

The Best Packed Lunch Ever

Bento, originally meaning a meal that comes served in a decorated box that is divided into sections, has evolved into a popular culture phenomenon, the most renowned sub-section of which is Kyraben or ‘Character Bento’. Character Bento involves presenting packed lunches in the forms of well known cartoon characters and setting them against ornate backdrops, with […]