Imagine the charm of a flea market in Paris combined with the sparkling atmosphere of a modern concept store. Join this two amazing things and you’ll get Kiki Boutique, a stylish shop in the heart of Manova, in Italy which spread their lovely products over Europe. Everything started about five years ago when, Elisa, passionate […]

Make Your Street Style

  Hey guys, Today is your turn, we are going to talk about your style. Walking on the street and looking at what people wear, you see so many different styles: classic, chic, easy, casual, transgressive, hippy, punk…, Most of them are inspired by mainstream and some of them are very personalized and characterful, but […]

Autumn is here!

Leaves are falling down from the trees, the weather is becoming colder and moody,summer holidays are over… Brace yourself, Autumn is back! But does it mean that our summer mood is gone with the hot days? We believe not. There are plenty of reasons to be glad. You don’t think so? Then we have to […]

My Little Black Dress

  I always wondered what makes a cloth become timeless. Is the style? The versatility or the color? The Little Black Dress (LBD) designed by Coco Chanel for the first time in 1926  its a simple shape black dress which has practicality become accessible and a must have for every woman. The LBD  is at the […]

MensWear: A Dog´s Guide To Being A Man

It is certainly one of the funniest and adorable way to talk about fashion we’ve seen. A tumblr created by two designers, in which a Shiba Inu is giving tips on how to combine patterns, color palettes or what to wear according to the season. No man should ignore the suggestions of Menswear Dog, because he […]

Perle and Vaniglia: Passion For Beauty

Today I want to tell the story of Paoletti. Born in 1985 in Genoa, Italy,  Paola Roncagliolo showed since a early age a strong artistic vein.  Very talented with brushes, colors, pencils and so on, everyone believed that the fate of Paola would have been in the field of visual arts … and more or […]

Style: What does It Say About You?

  Have you ever thought about what your style say about you?Clothing choices are rarely neutral, and traces of our personality  can be read in our decision between this shirt instead of that other one. Coco Chanel once said: “If a woman is badly dressed, it’s the dress we’ll notice; but if she is impeccably […]

Les 2 Coquettes: London-based Italian Style. What Else?

Blomming is becoming more and more international, how cool is that? Currently we are glad to announce we host Shops from all 5 continents in our platform, and we are lucky to discover new talents around the world everyday. What happens when you notice an amazing brand from London which is actually managed by two italian […]

Wonders To Wear: Vintage Style

Vintage means something classic, antique and that has excellent quality. It can also be seen as new pieces that keep that classic look inspired in the past. It is more than a trend: it is a lifestyle that retrieves the looks of the 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 and 1960. Skirt and top: GoldenYearsVintage Shoes: DiamondGarret Bag: […]

Miss Texas Chooses GhostZip Fashion Bags, GhostZip Chooses Blomming!

We are happy to announce that Ghostzip USA, producer of the successfull “zipper” fashion bags chosen by Miss Texas, is now selling online and has chosen Blomming as their exclusive E-Commerce partner! Three friends from Milan, Italy, joined together to come up with an idea: a zip that once done up becomes a bag, a clutch, […]