And so it was… a match made in heaven: the iPhone has finally found the love of its life, who is none other than the ArkHippo. Click here to see the video of their romantic first encounter and in the picture below see iPhone and ArkHippo in a loving embrace. Jokes aside, Ark have re’invented […]

Rocking Knit: You Rock, She Knits

  For years now a return to the values of old, those of quality manual labour in production, has been taking a hold. Thus, amongst analog cameras, ruck-sacks with leather straps and vintage eyewear, we slowly make our way backwards to recover values that in many cases us digital natives haven’t had the opportunity to […]

Todo Design Have The Solution

Todo design is one of our favourite shops. We’ve spoken about them before but this time we want to point out their new line of design tables, that we are sure everyone will love. These innovative designs for tables, that have a high potential for being personalized through both your selection of bottles and what […]

Beautiful Art By Scuba Drawings

I’m so in love with Scuba Drawings’ art! When I first stumbled upon their shop, what really hit me was the power of these drawings even when it’s only in black and white. Then, at a second sight, I loved how detailed each piece was. I think they would look great in a modern and quite […]

The Best of Design on Blomming

Here on Blomming we have a great array of brilliant examples in contemporary, eco and innovative design. The chairs above by Cattelan Design are a brilliant example. These are shaped taking inspiration from the world of vegetation, in fact their design, created by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, has been called ‘Vegetal Chair’. This is because […]

It’s Raining Indoors! Yet No One Is Wet…

Christmas is over! Relieved or sad as you might be, one thing is for sure: no one wants to be out spending money. That’s why we recommend taking a trip to the Barbican centre, London, where an exhibition of great originality is currently open to the public for free. The Rainroom is in fact a carefully choreographed installation […]

The Art of Video Games

Gamers and Artists of the world unite! Strange as it may be to bring together these two groups that are often portrayed as diametrically opposed, MOMA has decided to do so by declaring video games to be a whole new category of Art. Tetris, The Sims, Pac Man .. and 11 other games have already […]

Home Decor: Branch Candle-Holder DIY

You know how much we love home-decor ideas, and this one is truly great! You’ll just need to get a bunch of dry branches (of course I’m not asking you to take them from a tree, just go out for a fresh walk in a park and you’ll find plenty on the ground). Then, all […]


24bottles: Even A Bottle Can Save The World

Having lunch in a public space you come into contact with many different habits. Today we have been observing a boy equipped with the classic tupperware, ready to enjoy his rice. So far nothing unusual. What unfortunately impressed us is that, he also brought a thermos with tea and, after his lunch, he put everything […]

Pacific Puzzle Works

The Art Of Puzzles By Pacific Puzzleworks

We usually hear about fashion designer, jewelry designer, interior designer… But how about a puzzle designer? Lee Krasnow, self-taught artist based in California, has been designing and manufacturing beautiful puzzles for 10 years or so. His pieces are all made out of wood and they reveal a careful study and planning, an amazing creative effort […]