Cozy Nooks

Categories: Design, Home Decor

A nook is a small corner formed by two walls. Basically it’s a little and empty space that can be arranged and decorated following our wildest imagination. To me a nook is a magical space, it’s the last spot of a treasure hunt, it’s a tiny corner where dreams come true. It can be a […]

Let There Be Light

Contrabandomx’s shop is lighting the way. Their exceptional approach to design in the field of ligthing makes their shop a must visit on Blomming. Take for example the light pictured above: known as the ‘Rodadilla Lamp’, not only is it aesthetically pleasing in and off itself, but when lit it creates a game of shadows […]

Sunday Shuffle: Time for a Watch

For this Sunday’s Shuffle  we have some of the best watches on Blomming. Casual, smart, chic, playful, colourful, wooden … all kinds for any event. As we all know watches are not just for keeping track of time, but also a great way to affirm your identity and style. Don’t miss out on this brilliant Shuffle! […]

Think, Recycle, Create, Use, Respect.

  Think, Recycle, Create, Use, Respect. This is the motto of HyenaDesign, a great shop on Blomming that represents all of those words. Their assortment of design objects range from handbags to fashion articles of any kind and each of these tries to encompass their ethos. For example, the fox shaped collar pictured below is […]

Paper Watch – Personalize Your Watch With Creativity

The watch, bastion of style, is an important accessorie… even if you don’t really use it. It’s there to show who we are, what we like and what our philosophy of life is. For example, I can’t imagine a buisness man with jacket and tie brandishing a raindbow coloured Swatch but, more likely, with a […]

Solitaire.exe, Playing Cards

I’m not young enough not to remember Solitaire on Windows computers. I must also confess that I sepnt entire summers practicing so that I could win, and enjoy the cards cascading on the screen, do you remember? It makes me happy to see that someone has brought them to life. Let me explain myself. The […]

An ‘A’ Rated Bee-House

I have always been used to thinking of Bees as one big single unit, similar to a city, where each has their own duties and specific tasks to carry out, without exceptions. However, Solitary Bees, as the name suggests, build their nests for their larvae where chance places them: in sand, in dry wood and […]

Wooden Radio Eco Design

Wooden Radio is the European distributor for Singgih Kartono`s Eco Design project MAGNO. The project has received international recognition by winning a variety of notorious prizes such as: Brit Design Award (UK), Design Plus Award (Germany), International Design Resource Award Seattle (USA). Wooden Radio decided to promote these Indonesian Eco Design creations after having met […]

The Beauty Spot

As usual I was aimlessly browsing Flickr and there they were: gorgeous and beautifully styled pictures. My fashion alarm started to ring and I suddenly knew that I just had to know more about the artist who created those images. Behind The Beauty Spot there are Polina and Sergey, an utterly creative couple of jewelry designers from […]

UseDesign’s Useful Designs

As ever here on Blomming we like to point you towards design objects that stand out from the crowd. UseDesign have a wide range of products that do just this. Their simple yet captivating style mixes functionality with respect for the environment, combining to form an eco-design label that looks both modern yet old-school. Transforming […]