How can you match technology and fun? This is the question the guys from Usb Tribe, have been wandering on. Answer is quite simple: changing the boring everyday objects into creative, colorful and small design masterpieces. They could be inspired by superheroes, iconic cars or typical Japanese characters, it’s not important! Their purpose is giving […]

For Christmas: Gifts for The Home – Decorative and Functional Ideas

We all have a colleague, an aunt, a cousin, or a friend for which it’s just difficult to find a gift! With clothing and accessories you are likely to go too personally, and if you don’t know their taste very well of if these are too difficult, you might totally miss the target. You could […]

Kiki Boutique: A Dreamy Vintage Store Now On Blomming

Imagine the charm of a flea market in Paris combined with the sparkling atmosphere of a modern concept store. Join this two amazing things and you’ll get Kiki Boutique, a stylish shop in the heart of Manova, in Italy which spread their lovely products over Europe. Everything started about five years ago when, Elisa, passionate […]

Wall Stickers: The Trend In Interior Design

  Some time ago, the first alternative to change a room decoration was through creative painting, which although very efficient has high costs and is quite complicate to do.  Another option always involved placing paintings or posters and with it  the need to make studs, damaging the wall. In addition, restricted to rectangular shapes or other […]

Brooom: The Smallest Gallery In London To Promote Art, Brands Or Products

If you’re bored with the usual concept of art and museums, don’t worry: we have the answer to your wish of change. Brooom is a fresh and innovative project launched in London by an Italian couple who moved to the City just one year ago: basically it’s a street-side room available to exhibit and promote […]

Everyday Design Objects

Groupshop have just joined us on Blomming, but we couldn’t fail to mention them as their products stop you in your tracks. If you are fed up of looking at everyday items as boring repetitive objects and would rather see them dressed in different shapes and forms then this is the shop to visit. Thier […]

Art and Sales according to Pao Pao

We are often used to talking about art as something exclusive, destined for a privileged few, but fortunately there are those that do not view art in this way, such as Pao. Because the times are changing, art and communication has changed, and inevitably the attitude of society towards art has also changed, and viceversa. Street art […]

Fantasy: Make Way for Magicians, Dragons, Witches, Orcs …

Hello to all Blommers. A few days ago we decided to open our Pandora’s box and let loose all its contents… guess what came out? Our brand new Fantasy collection!!! We have been surrounded by trolls, witches, dragons, and fairies… an enchanted platform. We discovered that, close up, the orcs of Raccolor art are quite terrifying… […]

The Colourful Piggy Bank

You look at it and wonder: what is that thing?  If it wasn’t for the title of this post you might have no clue at all that this is in fact a piggy bank made from coloured tubes. Big-Game, a design studio based in Lausanne, makes the essential nature of shapes their mantra, and the […]

Welcome Matane Shop

We are very happy to welcome Mataneshop, a wonderful new addition to the Blomming family! This shop joined us just yesterday, but we can tell already that they will be very successful with us in the times to come. This shop acts as a platform that shows the latest works of young artists and designers, […]