You own an Ipad? Then you surely have an Ipad case to protect it. But what about a stand for your tech-item? It is practical to have your hand-free to navigate through Blomming at the Ipad. We already know that Blommers love creative ideas so how about making your own? You can make it for you, your […]

Sell With Blomming: A New Tutorial From Our Community

One of the things I love the most about Blomming is how alive and creative our community is. There is not one day in which our team is working that we don’t find something unique, beautiful or amazing. What was our surprise when we found this cool video-tutorial made by Enid Stern about how does […]

The Big Summer Holidays

Summer holidays can be a time of joy for children. But despair for parents, especially those who work. How to entertain the kids with a different schedule each day? With the arrival of the period of school summer holidays the children complain a lot about  staying alone at home, away from friends, because parents have […]

Sunday Shuffle: Week End At The Beach – For Her

If there is something I learned travelling is to pack my luggage in the right way! Unless you have a boyfriend available to bring your luggages up to the Hymalaya, you have to learn how to do smart luggages. This Sunday Shuffle is dedicated to the typical week end on the beach and, I assure […]

Blommers, Crafters, Makers Meet In San Francisco For The Beauty Of Artisanship

Not as well-know as it should be, this is the Year Of The Italian Culture In The US. And we are really proud to say that, thanks to Fondazione Bassetti, Blomming has been chosen to give a speech within Innovating With Beauty, a cycle of conferences about the new “Makers” culture – together with the […]


Spring Parties Decorations With Balloons

Today I want to share with you some ideas to decorate by using balloons. Whether it’s for a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding, balloons are a great way to add a pop of color to any room. You know what,  it doesn’t even need to be a special occasion. But Spring is the perfect […]

Sunday Shuffle: Best Wine On Blomming

As last week we dedicated the Sunday Shuffle to the Gourmet Food, this week we want to talk about wine. Tipically Mediterrean product, in the last years its production is rapidly expanding in less conventional states as California, Australia and South Africa. Lots of Italian wine producers have decided to sell their amazing bottle in […]

Art and Sales according to Pao Pao

We are often used to talking about art as something exclusive, destined for a privileged few, but fortunately there are those that do not view art in this way, such as Pao. Because the times are changing, art and communication has changed, and inevitably the attitude of society towards art has also changed, and viceversa. Street art […]

Rag Doll Art

Rag Doll Art is the english translation of the shop named Boneca de pano arte. Although they have not been with us for very long they have already caught the attention of our customers with their beautifully creative rag dolls. From this shop you can expect all of the perks of a well run business. […]

The Forks of Giovanni Scafuro: Italian Creative Jewellery at its Best

Todays Post doesn’t have a specific theme: it moves from the art of recycling and jewellery to decorations for your house, moving through the theme of responsible re-use in artisan and design circles. Today we are going to tell you the story of an artist who started as an artisan in Naples, but who today you […]