Brrr… the days are becoming colder and colder! Be careful not to get ill. How do we find comfort during grey and rainy days? We think: it is a great moment to…drink tea! Full of benefits, it always cheers us up and the smell is just divine… So, what about setting up a little tea […]

Stones and Silver: The Art From Virginie

Amazing and Unique Pieces made in Silver and Stones? That´s is Virginie Studio´s , a New Shop from Canada that we now have a pleasure to Welcome to Blomming! Virginie, the artist behind the pieces from VirginieMartinStudio, is from Marieville; a small town near Montreal in Canada. She collected precious jewelry for a long time when […]

Drinks for Your Halloween Party

We all love to celebrate. And Halloween is approaching quickly! You also like this event, but think it is something for children? Don’t you dare saying that! Let’s have a nice drink with a scary-spooky feeling. Here our top 3 of cocktail ideas for every taste. Please note that you have to be at least 18 […]

Halloween is Knocking on the Door

Did you hear that?… I heard a noise… Oh, it was just the cat playing around. Excuse me, maybe I’m a bit too scared! Soon, the time of the haunting ghosts and the giggling witches is back. And of the children knocking on the door, threatening you to get some candies. Are you ready for […]

East Meets West: Di By Dione!

Today we are happy to introduce to you a new brand of accessories that join Blomming: Di by Dione. Di by Dione was founded in 2005 by Dione Chang. Dione is from Hong Kong, a mystical place where the east meet west culture and we can see this influence at every piece. She studied Furniture […]

6 Ways to Tie a Scarf

The Autumn is arriving and with it the cold is coming softly … We are at that time of the year where you never know very well what outfit to leave the house with: it’s cold in the morning, then heats in the afternoon for chilling again at night. One solution is to bet on […]

Bread Busts:When Food Meets Art

Milena Korolczuk is such a creative person that when taking her breakfast she felt the need to create something. She had a need to do something with her hands while she was eating. This addiction has led to an amazing job: the artist creates faithful bust sculptures of pop culture icons such as Jay-Z and Andy […]

It´s Time To Go Back To School

The end of August arrives with a flavor of holidays and some strings to be back on track. Especially for the children, readjust the bio-clock to return to school may not be an easy task. When getting back to the routine seems stressful, a little planning helps parents and children make the process – which […]

Perle and Vaniglia: Passion For Beauty

Today I want to tell the story of Paoletti. Born in 1985 in Genoa, Italy,  Paola Roncagliolo showed since a early age a strong artistic vein.  Very talented with brushes, colors, pencils and so on, everyone believed that the fate of Paola would have been in the field of visual arts … and more or […]

Live Like An Artist

How many of us grew up feeling a little ‘… LikePicasso? How do you recognize the artistic talent? Who knows how to distinguish the real talent from what is not and does really makes sense to make this distinction?! Is not every art, art in someway? Whether you acknowledge it, or deny it, we all […]