Image a couple of young entrepreneurs, both creative and single-minded, then add to them the true love for traditional crafting and season everything with a touch of technology: you’ll get Leonardi Milano! A brand that aim to display, even throughtout the internet, the beauty of the handmade crafted fine leather,  Made in Italy. Leonardi Milano was born in […]

DIY: Decorating Your Candles for a Christmas Atmosphere

Are you ready for the few days left before Christmas?! Sure, now that you finally prepared all the gifts, you’re probably relaxing at home with your  family, drinking tea and… Waiting for the fatidic date! I think now is the time to be a bit creative after all this Shopping – don’t worry, these ideas […]

How to Wrap Your Gifts for Christmas with Few Tools

During the last weeks, we talked a lot about Christmas gifts, because we know exactly how much anxiety can cause indecision for us in choosing the most appropriate gift. But now that you found all your gifts, I have a question: do you have an idea on how to wrap them? Because if it is […]

La Grig and The Art of Creating Cute Little Monsters

Today, we will talk about the original stuffed animals made by La Grig! They are bizarre and funny characters imagined by Elena Grigoli, also known as La Grig. Elena graduated from the Disney Academy in Milan and spent a year in Turin to work for Qui Communicazione and finally returned to her hometown Verona. She […]

DIY: The Cutest Christmas Tree Decorations Ever!

Everything begins to smell like Christmas now – the mandarines, the light decorations in your city, the Blomming storefront… and soon, you will bring a new Christmas tree home and decorate it with your family, right? In this case, I found a very cute decoration idea: how about some self-made ornaments? You need only some […]

Say it With a Card: AwesomeCards

We are in Dublin, Ireland. Paper, scissors and all kind of creaft items lying on a table. We are in the world of Aleanbh, the creator of AwesomeCards. It began about two years ago, when she was creating some personalised cards for a friend. And guess what? That friend enjoyed these cards so much that Aleanbh […]

Pop Art is Back in your House with LarettArt

I have to warn you: once you read this post, you will want to change your home decor. I already think about the new design of my bedroom! Why? This is because I discovered the beautiful Shop of LarettArt. The Shop offers a large choice: from stools to tables, from earrings to magnets, from cushions […]

DIY: New Look for your Laptop

We Blommers have the same best friend. He is always on our side, giving answers to everything, and is a great help for work. Exactly, we’re talking about our laptops . For example, I have mine for more than 4 years and he still works like in his younger days. There is only one thing… […]

Vestige from the Past: Murano Glassmakers

Venezia, Venezia! O Sole mio… One of the most beautiful and attractive cities in the world undoubtedly is Venice. How many stories are written there inspiring very known writers such as Shakespeare or Mark Twain. Carnival of Venice, Marco Polo or “gondola”: all these words remind us immediately the fascinating Venice! One typical venetian souvenir […]

Let’s Escape in a Dreamy Land with JU Jewels!

Raffaela Ciccia is a Rome-based jewelry designer. Being early supported by her mother to pursue a work in which she can express her creativity and fantasy, she developed a multifaced creativity. She worked as a restorer and decorator and so acquired over the years a deep knowledge of ancient and classical techniques and iconographic repertoires […]