Image a couple of young entrepreneurs, both creative and single-minded, then add to them the true love for traditional crafting and season everything with a touch of technology: you’ll get Leonardi Milano! A brand that aim to display, even throughtout the internet, the beauty of the handmade crafted fine leather,  Made in Italy. Leonardi Milano was born in […]

A Women’s Heaven: Le Fate Boutique!

I just found out today that if I went to Le Fate Boutique few days ago I could have take the advantage of a 20% discount! This is the nice deal proposed by the boutique for everybody going to shopping in the day of their birthday. For sure a great gift, don’t you think? Since Le […]

Wonders To Wear: Vintage Style

Vintage means something classic, antique and that has excellent quality. It can also be seen as new pieces that keep that classic look inspired in the past. It is more than a trend: it is a lifestyle that retrieves the looks of the 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 and 1960. Skirt and top: GoldenYearsVintage Shoes: DiamondGarret Bag: […]

Unique Hand-Painted Shoes

Monkey Garage art&Co. is a new brand who focus on the creation and styling of shoes. The bizarre image that this company name evokes is in fact reminiscent of the idea that Monkeys are the only animal, other than man, that take pleasure in the practice of painting. This, combined with the garage as a workshop […]

Love Jules

Jules Loves Leather

Julia (Jules) Vagelatos is a designer from Canada whose story seems almost a fairy tale. A fairy tale about unexpectedly stumbling on a lifelong passion. While attending college she was looking for a job to pay her rent and she happened to apprentice with a leather craftsman. During that time she developed a big love […]

60's wedding dress from Judy Torbett

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Being in love with 60’s fashion, I really like this vintage dress! Rather than on new and blue things, I would like to focus on something old. How beautiful and romantic a vintage inspired wedding can be? While it’s very nice to go and choose a brand new dress with brand new accessories, we can’t deny […]