Fortunately, the large Geoffroy Moreels‘s collection includes also winter models. Because its colorful Panama hats range make you want to scape to some (very) distant country where summer never ends, just to wear them! With My Bob – Use Your Head! he is completely reinventing the tradition of handmade hats. So, let’s have a little talk with Borsalino: who said that […]


Vespa, the Vintage Timeless Classic

Is there anything more classic than a Piaggio Vespa? The scooter par excellence that once filled the streets with youth is today a source of inspiration for bags, T-shirts and all kind of accessories.


Whimsy Woo Design: Bags For Your Books

Who doesn’t own a make up purse? A phone case? A laptop bag and even a tablet case? We all do. What not many of us own is a bag especially designed to carry our books. Our poor, poor books! So many of us carry a book, especially those of us who commute to work. And […]

cutoutgirls 1

Cut Out Girls: Beautiful, Handmade Bags Made With Wool

The first time I stumbled across the Cut Out Girls it was in Brick Lane (where they usually hold a stall at Backyard market) and, as cheesy as it may sounds, it was love at first sight. They’re two girls who hand-knit a beautiful range of bags, satchels, rucksacks and so on. They usually work […]

Love Jules

Jules Loves Leather

Julia (Jules) Vagelatos is a designer from Canada whose story seems almost a fairy tale. A fairy tale about unexpectedly stumbling on a lifelong passion. While attending college she was looking for a job to pay her rent and she happened to apprentice with a leather craftsman. During that time she developed a big love […]

60's wedding dress from Judy Torbett

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Being in love with 60’s fashion, I really like this vintage dress! Rather than on new and blue things, I would like to focus on something old. How beautiful and romantic a vintage inspired wedding can be? While it’s very nice to go and choose a brand new dress with brand new accessories, we can’t deny […]