Handbags That Carry Character

Categories: Accessories

Moleros’ shop is the perfect example of what Blomming stands for: originality, high quality produce and a dedication toward the satisfaction of customers :) From this Spanish shop you can pick out the bags you like as well as requesting the material you would like them to be made off. This ensures that almost all bags […]

Fashion DIY: Heart Shaped Elbow Patches

Cardigans are the best bet ever for every season: they’re so easy to be thrown on any outfit that they’ll save you in many situations. During springtime they’re essential to keep you warm after sunset so you’d better stock up on thin, pastel cardigans. They’ll look amazing over floral dresses and shirts. That said, I always […]

Alternative, Cool and… Horror!

Bats and Billy are a new addition to Blomming. Although you may or may not like their very particular style they are definitely good at what they do. Their Horror themed clothing is original, well made and sure to set you apart from the crowd. Their products range from shoes and flip-flops to sweaters and dresses. […]

Sunday Shuffle: Tech Gadgets

This Sunday we want to share a selection of our best tech gadgets, for all those out there who always need to have the latest iPhone accessory or the most up to date tech obeject that is both original and at the forefront of techonolgical advancement. 1) The first object we are proposing is the […]

Beautiful Hats By La Dame Au Beret

If Paris is the capital of fashion, then London is the capital of hats (I mean, you just need to have a look at any Royal Family’s portrait to know that I am right ). This might be the reason why Myriam Lengline – french born and London based milliner – is such a talented […]

Make Your Own Leather Lunch Bag (Jil Sander Inspired)

There’s been quite a lot of chatting around Jil Sander’s Leather Lunch Bag during the last months. A oily paper lunch bag is something so simple and, let’s admit it, so unfashionable, and still the german designer managed to make it not only chic but a must-have piece. Appealing, isn’t it? The problem is that […]

Unique Hand-Painted Shoes

Monkey Garage art&Co. is a new brand who focus on the creation and styling of shoes. The bizarre image that this company name evokes is in fact reminiscent of the idea that Monkeys are the only animal, other than man, that take pleasure in the practice of painting. This, combined with the garage as a workshop […]

ArkWhat: When Low Tech Meets High Tech…

And so it was… a match made in heaven: the iPhone has finally found the love of its life, who is none other than the ArkHippo. Click here to see the video of their romantic first encounter and in the picture below see iPhone and ArkHippo in a loving embrace. Jokes aside, Ark have re’invented […]

Papillon Design; For a Unique Bow-Tie

Here at Blomming we love Papillon Design. Just take a look at their video and I am sure you will soon feel the same way:  Check out their shop on Blomming for countless unique Papillon designs.

Keep Warm And Stylish With Taller Textil

These days every single time I go outside I hear in my mind the first words of that old song “when the weather outside is frightful…”. And, let me tell you, is not because I’m extremely into Christmas mood (well, actually I might be just a tiny bit obsessed, but that’s not the point now). […]