Last week, women were in the focus, giving men ideas on what to buy for their girlfriend or family.Well, the next logical post is to help women finding something for him! May it be your boyfriend, your father, your brother… The gifts have to be ready soon. And it isn’t always easy to guess what […]

Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for a Woman

Psst, this post concerns only men! Especially men desperately looking for a gift for their girlfriend, sister or mother – or maybe all of them. I have some good news for you: we aren’t sooo difficult to satisfy. You just need to find the most beautiful, breathtaking gift. That means, well, the perfect one! Instead of […]

Emphasize your look: Supersized Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are everywhere and you surely know this trend. Discovered on runways, worn by many celebrities, adopted by several fashionistas, and well… loved by Blomming! This trend seems to be unstoppable. When can a necklace be considered as an accessory? The answer is easy, when it is exaggeratedly supersized and showy. A necklace can make your outfit unique, and […]

Enclothed Cognition: What Is It?

We always heard, Dress for Success; Dress for the job you want not the one you have. But did you know that clothes play a great power not only over who sees us but mostly on ourselves? This power to influence the clothes on our psychological processes have been studied and recently earned the name “enclothed […]

Sunglasses: Protect Yourself With Style

Summer is finally here and is a time for fun in the sun, vacations, and freedom to enjoy time at the lake or beach, however is also a time when we need to take more care about the nocive effects of sun. Nowadays, it is widely known that ultraviolet rays can cause permanent damage to […]

Balagandã:New Shop on Blomming

Balangandã is a new shop we have the pleasure to Welcome into Blomming. But where does this name come from? Originaly, Balagandã is a kind of a pin decorated with several small charms  hanging on it where each charm is an amulet to protect the owner from evil eye. It was very used in the […]

Wonders To Wear: Vintage Style

Vintage means something classic, antique and that has excellent quality. It can also be seen as new pieces that keep that classic look inspired in the past. It is more than a trend: it is a lifestyle that retrieves the looks of the 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 and 1960. Skirt and top: GoldenYearsVintage Shoes: DiamondGarret Bag: […]

Design BackPacks: Carry With Style

Welcome Supe Design backpacks! Finally a rucksack that has all the conveniences of being well designed, with many pockets and ample space, whilst also being 100% original and nice to look at. Aren’t you fed up of seeing black or dark blue back packs all the time? Well, now there is a viable and attractive alternative: […]

Handmade Bags from Spain: Perfect for the Summer!

We are proud to present El desvan de Victor shop straight from Toledo, Spain. Their collection of bags is sure to knock you off your feet. They have a bit of everything in the way of handmade bags, all decorated exceptionally and all carrying bucket loads of character.   Ideal for the summer, their light patterns, joyful colours […]

Green, Light, Prestigious, Fashionable, Passionate.

Sunboo just arrived on Blomming, and I’ve got to say the timing is just perfect! The sun is shining, the weather is sweet and what you need is a pair of sunglasses to stop the squinting and enjoy the new world of colour, blue skies and hot breezes. Sunboo are just what you are looking […]