A Chocolate Bar And My Faith In Humanity Is Restored

Categories: Inspirational By Laís Fulgencio


This is another inspiring story that reminds us that anything is possible when there is a dream. Dylan Siegel, 6 years, could not sit back and enjoy his normal life knowing that his best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, 7 years old, had been battling a rare and severe, yet no known cure.


Jonah has a rare form of glycogen storage disease, a hereditary disorder that means his liver can store sugar but can’t release it, causing him to have dangerously low blood sugar levels that can result in seizures or even death.

Jonah has an especially rare form of the disease — type 1b — which means he also has a compromised immune system, Weinstein said. Catching a stomach bug from a classmate could land him in the hospital or even kill him.

Dylan then decided he would help raise money for research into the disease, so that his friend had a chance.


Dylan’s father suggested that he does a stall of lemonade, but Dylan had a better idea – he wanted to write a book. Thus was born the “Chocolate Bar”, a work of 16 pages written and drawn by hand, it comes with chocolate bars. The book went on sale in the school book fair, but the word spread, and many people wanted to buy it, so that more issues had to be produced. The news spread around the world and “Chocolate Bar” managed to raise $ 400 thousand dollars. The amount was donated entirely to research centers able to better understand this rare disease, and then find a cure or treatment for it.

And Dylan is not stopping. His plan is to raise a million dollars to help research and, we all wish, cure Jonah´s disease. He just had his amazing story broad-casted by NBC
My faith in a better world is renewed. What about yours? To know more about this wonderful initiative, check his Facebook and his website


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