Blomming’s Latest Feature: Bring your eBay Store to Facebook

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Blomming is a Social Commerce Platform addressed to both Buyers and Sellers, so we recently thought: where do these online profiles usually meet and interact? On Facebook, of course! Consequently, we worked hard to release this feature dedicated to eBay sellers, the possibility of easily import all your products in a few minutes and bring your Shop to the most popular of Social Networks. Blomming combines E-Commerce with Social Media, and that’s why we talk about Social Commerce.

You probably have built an online presence and now we believe it’s time for your Shop to focus on interacting with people and take advantage of the power of recommendations. Your products are more likely to be sold to your friends rather than to strangers after all, don’t you think?

Here’s a how a Facebook Shop Powered by Blomming looks like:

facebook shop

Taking your Shop to Facebook means that you can sell directly through the popular Social Network, where you are already in contact with your audience and where you can (you should!) keep developing your brand identity, day by day. Brands are using their fans as an effective channel for brand exposure to their friends given that the average Facebook fan has hundreds of friends and considering that each person has the ability to potentially reach dozens of friends.

It’s all about the Engagement

The old motto in business said “Turnover is vanity. Profit is sanity”. Well, times have changed and according to @marie_page and some other Marketing experts, that saying becomes “Likes are vanity. Engagement is sanity” in terms of websites, blogs and Facebook Pages.

facebook shop2

Let’s see some recent figures about Facebook:

  • 81% of business executives state that Facebook marketing boosts sales and customer relationships.
  • More than 1 Million websites have integrated their Facebook Page into their site
  • Over 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month
  • Facebook is the most trafficked website in the world. Even over Google.

Impressive and constantly growing numbers aside, Facebook is a powerful tool for Social Commerce. That’s why Blomming offers to its Sellers the possibility of being active and stay in touch with their fans and followers using the Facebook Shop. We like to highlight that every potential visitor/buyer can complete any purchase without abandoning Facebook, thanks to the integrated PayPal Checkout powered by Blomming. If you feel like discovering more Facebook Facts for Businesses click here or, in case you have not created a Page yet, know how to set up your Facebook Page in a few steps reading our tutorial.

Ready to experience the World of Social Commerce and Sell on Facebook? Take your Shop to Blomming!

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