Boost Your Sales: Yes, You Can. Try Videos

Categories: Seller Tips By Alejandro Mendo

Video-Per-Vendere-i-Vostri-ProdottiAs you probably know, one of Blomming’s latest updates is the option of adding a Youtube video to every product of your Shop for a better display and promotion. Videos can be  all-around content: photos, music, practical explanations, production processes, personal stories and so on. They also allow any Seller to approach the user in a direct way and (hopefully) arouse strong emotions in the viewer. If you have never thought of using videos to promote your products, maybe it’s time to start. No idea where to start? Then follow our advice!

1. Introduce yourself

If a potential customer is unsure whether to buy your product or not, a video that presents both you and your story could (and will) make the difference: don’t be shy! Show your face and let your clients hear your voice: create that feeling of humanity and let those who buy it to find out who is behind the product. Tell your story, explain why you decided to sell online, show your lab…

2. Go for some Story-Telling

When you upload your products, try to not just describe what you are trying to sell, but tell a story that can turn your clients into passionate customers. How? Explain what has inspired the creation of that product, why they need it, show some details of the production process, or just be creative and let them want it! Look for engagement and empathy, you will not regret it.

3. Try Video Tutorials

Have you ever found an interesting product and then been forced to leave the purchase because you were not sure how to use it? And this is not just about functionality, also style is involved. Even a jewel might need a video tutorial: show some outfits to wear with your product, suggest different combinations, clothes included. You don’t need a professional set but some inspiration. Entertain your audience while presenting the item.

4. Hear Customers Voice: Feedback!

This kind of videos work especially well if you sell one (or just a few) types of products, or if the product in question is a best-seller. Gather opinions of regular customers, loyal members of your Community or friends who have tried your product(s). If you only sell online, this initative could be a great way to involve regular customers and make them feel part of your adventure. Ask them if they are willing to send you a short clip… you will be surprised by the level of participation!


Remember that, according to statistics, web users love videos for its immediacy: Take advantage of this tool!

Happy Blomming!