Blomming’s Social Affiliation: A New Model For Social Commerce

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News – Just a few days after the launch more than 2,000 bloggers and “Social Media Lovers” have joined our Social Affiliation program, with products being sold through simple sharing actions on Social Media such as Like, Tweet, Pin, +1, etc. Interest in this innovative project had been widespread and it represents a milestone in Blomming’s path. Take a look at our press release below for more information, or join the program here.

Blomming, the easiest way to sell and buy online

The Social Affiliation Is A Success

First “Sales With A Like” Already Made

Just a few days after the launch, more than 2,000 bloggers and “Social Media Lovers” have joined the program, with products already being sold through sharing on Social Media.

Naples – Apr. 16th, 2013 – More than 2,000 passionate Blog and Social Media users have already signed up to the new Social Affiliation by Blomming, an exclusive system that allows anyone to earn money with E-Commerce. First Sales have been made from the very beginning through the simple Social Sharing of products via a Tweet, Like, Pin, +1 or blogpost.

The system is easy: the users just need to sign up as “Promoters”, pick the products they like and share them on the Web. Each link will include the Promoter’s details so that she/he earns a commission every time a sale is generated. Further info and registration in this page.

Blomming currently hosts more than 20,000 Shops. Among these, more than 500 have already joined the Affiliation program, a number that is growing day by day. Promotable Items are about 30,000 for a total 250,000 products in the platform catalogue. The most interesting ones are highlighted at and a bright new design has been conceived to facilitate product search.

The redesign has been made by GNV&Partners, a design and front-end studio that worked with international customers such as Matt Mullenweg and Om Malik, as well as other startups.

Nicola Junior Vitto, Founder and Product Strategist, stated that “E-Commerce can be a powerful engine for the monetization of the Net. And with the Social Affiliation Blomming opens up this opportunity to everybody. We think that this is a significant leap forward for Social Commerce. We are pleased with the very positive reactions we got from our Sellers, Bloggers and Social Media enthusiasts”.

What is Blomming
Blomming has a peculiar vision of Social Commerce, offering a platform that allows anyone, individuals or businesses, to sell through their website, blog, or Facebook page as well as on Blomming itself and on smartphones, all from an integrated, pervasive platform. Over 50,000 users are currently registered with Blomming, powering more than 20,000 shops with a catalogue of over 250,000 products on sale.

What is the Social Affiliation
We all give opinions on products and Shopping advice to friends and relatives. And many of us do it on the Net, where we interact daily with others via Blogs or social networks like Facebook and Pinterest. Blomming, leading Social Commerce Platform, has designed its new Affiliation system to empower this.

It represents a new channel for those who sell, but also allows every Internet user to give value to Recommendation and Social Sharing activities. Everyone can monetize their content production or curation. The system fits perfectly with Blogs and Publishing or Community websites such as Sports, Music, Food & Wine, Travel, Mom Blogs, Crafts, Handmade, Design, etc.

Unlike other Affiliation programs, this is the first case in which Promoters are able to choose products according to their taste. In this way, they will only share what their Community is really interested in.

Cool Vendor in E-Commerce 2012, Gartner, Inc., USA
Innovative Niche E-commerce Providers to Watch 2012, Gartner, Inc., USA
Best E-Tailer – Best Pure Online Player, Accenture, Italy, 2012
Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2012, Presidenza della Repubblica, Italy
Top 25 Startups Southern Europe, TechTour, 2011

Who we are
Blomming has been developed by Nicola Junior Vitto, Alberto D’Ottavi, Matteo Cascinari and Andrea Salicetti. At the tender age of 32, Nicola, founder and product strategist, has already ten years of experience in product strategy on web, E-Commerce and finance. Alberto, co-founder and CMO, is a journalist and blogger. He wrote a book about Web 2.0 in 2006 and has been nominated by Edelman as one of the “1.000 Top Tech Twitter Influencers Worldwide”. Matteo Cascinari, coming from a career in C-level management for international companies, entered Blomming as business angel, partner and CEO. Andrea Salicetti is also a partner and Senior Developer.

Funding and Traction
In July, 2012 Blomming received a €1.3 millions investment from Vertis Venture. From Sept. 2012 up to the end of Feb. 2013 (six months) we registered a +200% overall growth. In particular: +219% Sellers, +265% registered users, +213% products, +222% orders, +225% transacted value. Nearly 90% of those results has been achieved on international markets. On a compound rate Blomming closed the 2012 with an overall 500% growth against 2011.

Cool Vendor in E-Commerce 2012, a report by Gartner, Inc.
Gartner, Inc. included Blomming in the “Cool Vendors in E-Commerce 2012” report – with only three other companies worldwide. Here’s what they stated: “Almost every e-commerce merchant is looking to use social sites to drive consumers to their e-commerce storefronts and to take transactions directly on those social sites. Blomming provides a simple, low-cost way for individuals and small or midsize businesses (SMBs) to accomplish this with almost no technical skills or upfront investment. It brings a unique set of social-focused capabilities to merchants looking to sell through these sites”.