Blomming Newsletter: Marilyn Dress, MoMa Design, T Shirts, Design Objects …

Categories: Shopping By Francesco Bassetti

marilyn dress

This week our Newsleteer was, once again, brimming with first class products.

To start with our Best Bargain section featured some classy items such as the Marilyn Dress sold by Pand and pictured above, or the brilliant MoMa Design Vase and Chalk Board seen below. Our collection of Best Bargains brings to you all the best items at bargain prices from across Blomming, so always keep an eye out for this section in particular.

Moma Design-MoMa design chalk board-MoMa design vase- MoMa design vase and chalk board

Weeko shirts were a new product to be featured in this weeks newsletter. These T-Shirts are extremely innovative and well made. They are stylish with original patterns and each one is hand drawn and then hand sown onto the shirts. You can also customize your shirts and therefore choose the fabric from which the patterns are made and sewn onto the shirt!

Weeko shirts-original patterned shirtsFinally, in this taster of our Newsletter, we couldn’t avoid including some good old design objects, in particular lamps:

table lamp-design lamp

Above you can find the BuBu table lamp by RSdesign. This table lamp is extremely smooth on the eye and a valuable asset on every desk, whether it be at work, at home or on your bedside table! A serious and stylish designer lamp, obviously found in the Limited Edition section of the Newsletter!

An alternative could be the CD Cube Lamp below. This light, featured in our Great Offers section, represents the more easy going current of design that can be found on Blomming. Easy going or not, it is still a top quality product that can serve to light and decorate any room!

cd cube lamp


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