Blomming Has Won The Italian Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2012

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Blomming is proud to announce that has won the most prestigious Italian prize for innovation: the Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2012, also known as Premio dei Premi. “The Prize of Prizes”, says the official press release, “is established by decree of President of the Council of Ministers, courtesy of the President of the Italian Republic, with the aim of supporting innovative and creative ability of our country in the key sectors of the economy”.

The Premio dei Premi is assigned to various companies, in different categories. Blomming has won in the Commerce category thanks to Confcommercio, the national association for commerce, that assigned to our startup the Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione nei Servizi. Blomming has been chosen as winner in Innovation in Commerce for having developed “An e-commerce platform that integrates the capability of Social Media and allows individuals and small businesses to open a new e-commerce store using also existing websites and personal blogs”, says the official release.

Italian National Innovation Day:
Blomming Wins The “Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2012”

The ceremony with the Presidente del Senato Renato Schifani

Milano, 12 Giugno 2012 – Blomming, among the leading Social Commerce startups worldwide, has been awarded by Confcommercio, the biggest Italian enterprise association with more than 700.000 associates, the Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione nei Servizi 2012 for the Commerce category.

The Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione – also known as “Premio dei Premi” – has been conferred to Nicola Junior Vitto, Blomming founder, by the Presidente del Senato Renato Schifani together with the Minister of Istruzione, Università e Ricerca Francesco Profumo and the President of Fondazione Cotec Gabriello Mancini in occasion of the National Innovation Day, held on June 12th. “The Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione is a prestigious award reserved to companies, public organisations or individuals that has been recognized as winners of innovation prizes in various categories” reads the official announcement of Fondazione Cotec.

Confcommercio, in their official press release, declares that Blomming has won the Premio “For having developed a platform that combines E-Commerce with the potentials of Social Media, and allows individuals and small companies to approach the e-commerce using their own websites and blogs”. This noteworthy award comes after the recognition as Cool Vendor in E-Commerce 2012 by Gartner Inc., international leader in advice and research for Information Technology.

Fabio Fulvio, Head Of Development Policies, Confcommercio, says: “Blomming is a great opportunity for small companies and individuals. It promotes an easy approach to the e-commerce which is essential to stay competitive in today’s evolving scenario. A highly effective solution that allow individuals to develop their own online stores easily and at no costs”.

“We are proud for the innovative value of this recognition”– says Nicola Junior Vitto. “This prize is important also for the thousands of Sellers that everyday use our platform to develop their business online, together with their customers” .

With more than 6,500 stores created in one year from the launch, of which more than 3,300 has also a Facebook Stores, Blomming is the leading solution in Facebook Commerce and Social Commerce, giving people and businesses the opportunity to have a professional e-commerce on their already existing online presence, such as Facebook, websites or blogs. Moreover, Blomming promotes the most interesting items on its Creativity Storefront, a new destination for shopping unique, creative objects.


Blomming allows everybody, individuals and small businesses, to sell on its own website, blog or Facebook Page, or directly on Blomming. The platform is centrally managed and optimized for user interaction in various Social environments. In this way, reaching millions of potential customers with few clicks is easy and fast, and it can be done worldwide thanks to multilingual support (in English, Spanish and Italian). Blomming is the ideal tool for whoever wants to develop its sale business without huge investments in a proprietary system.


Cool Vendor in E-Commerce 2012 by Gartner, Inc., Apr. 2012.
Top 25 Startup by Southern Europe TechTour, Nov. 2011.

Who We Are

Blomming has been developed by Nicola Junior Vitto, Alberto D’Ottavi, Matteo Cascinari and Andrea Salicetti. Only 31 years old, Nicola has 10 years of experience in product strategy on web, finance and especially e-commerce. He worked for big international companies. Alberto is a technology journalist, blogger, writer, lecturer and consultant in digital innovation. In 2010 has been included in Edelman’s Top 1.000 Twitter Tech Influencers Worldwide. In 2011 Matteo Cascinari joined the company as major partner and CEO, bringing his business expertise as manager and CEO of big italian and international companies and business angel. Andrea Salicetti is partner and senior developer.


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