Blomming Worth Double: 2013, the year of Growth

Categories: Blomming News By Alejandro Mendo

Nicola e Matteo di Blomming

No, it is not the effect of Christmas feasts nor the alcohol swallowed on New Year’s Eve toasting … but we still see double. The fact is that Blomming has grown so much in 2013 that today has (more than) doubled its figures compared to 2012. We do not want to bore you with statistics and graphs, so here’s a summary of the most interesting figures:

  1. Number of orders received by Sellers  increased by 126%,
  2. Overall Turnover increased by 122%
  3. Number of products on sale increased by 170%
  4. Number of Blomming website visitors  increased by 108%

If we have grown so much it’s mainly because we worked day and night in order to provide everyone (Sellers, Buyers, Users looking for inspiration) a better, faster, nicer experience. We have released more than 1.5 versions of Blomming every day!

Besides all Blomming news we already pointed out in this post, there’s also:

  1. the chance to experience  incredibly simple Advertising Campaigns on Facebook
  2. the possibility of using identification codes (SKUs) and videos in product listings
  3. a new feature that allows each Seller to monitor Shop statistics through Google Analytics

And that’s not all, folks: 2014 starts out in style! Earlier this week we knew of a list  made by the famous website Startup Ranking, which sees Blomming at the very top of the Italian Startups. Check the chart and full details here.

This short post is not meant to be a vanity one, but a chance to sincerely express how thankful Blomming is with all the Community. So thanks to everybody reading this, thanks to our wonderful Team, thanks to those who always believe in what they do, those who never stop “pushing” and those succeding  (or not, but keep trying). Thanks to those who create with true passion and never stop smiling.

Thanks and have a great 2014.

Matteo and Nicola