Blomming at Better Software: Now everyone can create Social Commerce Apps for Web & Mobile. And Earn Money!

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This is a call for developers, web agencies, freelances: Now your Apps- for both Web or Mobile – can take advantage of a new monetization engine: Blomming! We are in fact  introducing the APIs, a system thanks to which you can easily integrate all Blomming’s features in any context, even in “White Label” mode. The idea is: anyone can create a Social Commerce system for their Webiste of even for their own App, for themselves or for their clients. Full details in the Press Release that follows.


Blomming at Better Software:
Now everyone can create Social Commerce Apps for Web and Mobile. And Earn Money!


An advanced yet simple system that allows you to access all Blomming’s features. This means that anyone who wants to develop Social Commerce Apps (editorial or corporate websites, Mobile Apps and so on), can now earn money immediately. Power to the E-Commerce.

Cagliari, Florence- November 8th, 2013 – On the occasion of Better Software, the first Italian conference dedicated to innovation in management and aimed at entrepreneurs and managers, Blomming presents its latest innovation: immediate access to all platform features for anyone who wants to integrate an E-Commerce system to its own website or to smartphones Apps. The proposal is thought as an easy solution for individuals in order to monetize their own Social initiatives and to offer new e-commerce solutions to businesses.

Not only developers but also Web Agencies or freelances can now enrich their online proposition and earn money by either checking Blomming’s huge catalog (for instance, at, or by creating specific Apps for clients, also in “White Label” mode if required. In fact, it is not necessary to show Blomming’s logo for full, direct access. Moreover, and thanks to the exclusive Cashback feature, App Developers (both Web or Mobile) can earn money in absolute transparency due to generated sales.

Nicola Junior Vitto, Blomming’s Founder and Product Strategist has stated: “I couldn’t imagine a better chance than Better Software to introduce Blomming’s APIs. We offer a new monetization system to the Community of developers, companies, web agencies, etc., a system that allows you to create innovative, profitable applications for everyone, without effort. “

Francesco Pallanti, WeLikeCRM’s Founder and member of the Crew organizing the Conference, declared: “For two years Blomming has helped us to spread the conference online. It ‘a pleasure for us to present a preview of their new APIs. Better Software has become a key appointment for those who every day seek for innovation and create value for customers. “


Technical Specifications

Blomming provides REST APIs in JSON format accessible to clients through authentication based on OAuth 2.0. The APIs allow you to retrieve products and users data from Blomming (except sensitive information, of course) or to carry out transactions on behalf of any Shop (add and/or edit products, orders management, payment systems settings, shipping costs, etc. ) in case of previous access allowance.

The APIs are currently available in Private Alpha version. Access is enabled gradually to selected partners. In case you would like to use this system, feel free to forward a request by writing an e-mail at a brief explanation of the context of use is appreciated.


What’s Blomming?

Hosting more than 25,000 Shops and over 12,000 which also sell on Facebook, Blomming allows anyone, both individuals and companies, to sell through their own website, blog, Facebook Page or directly on Blomming. This means a “Three Shops in One” solution through a centralized, easy-to-use platform. In addition, it is also possible to buy on the Creative Marketplace recently redesigned or through an iPhone App.


Innovation National Award 2012, Presidency of the Republic, Italy

Cool Vendor in E-Commerce 2012, Gartner, Inc., USA

Innovative Niche E-commerce Providers to Watch, 2012

Best E-Tailer – Best Pure Online Player, Accenture, 2012

Top 25 Startup Southern Europe, TechTour, 2011

Who we are

Blomming has been developed by Nicola Junior Vitto, Alberto D’Ottavi, Matteo Cascinari and Andrea Salicetti. At the tender age of 32, Nicola, founder and product strategist, has already ten years of experience in product strategy on the web, E-Commerce and finance. Alberto, co-founder and CMO, is a journalist, blogger, lecturer and wrote a book about Web 2.0 in 2006. He has been nominated by Edelman as one of the “1.000 Top Tech Twitter Influencers Worldwide”. Matteo Cascinari, coming from a career in C-level management for international companies, entered Blomming as business angel, partner and CEO. Andrea Salicetti is also a partner and Senior Developer. In 2012 Blomming has been funded with a €1.3 millions investment by Vertis SGR.

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