Black Friday: Ready for the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year?

Categories: Blogging, Facebook, Seller Tips By Severine Kaiser

shop onliine Which is the busiest shopping day of the year (especially in the United States)? Okay, the answer is easy as it is written in the title: it is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the first official day of the beginning of Christmas Shopping. But did you know that the name is coming from the fact that there is heavy traffic in the street during this day? Well, it is also known for agressive shoppers who want to be the first to get that product with the best discount, but it doesn’t really concern you as you have your business online, on Blomming!:) Cyber Monday, the day after Black Friday, is also known for being a very important online purchasing day. Here some facts & figures:

black friday

First rules

Be prepared: the more products you have in stock, the more chances you have to sell them. Make sure you have plenty of them. Also, try not to do major changes or updates on your website/blog. It would be too bad that there would be some issues on such important days!
Start planning early about the promotions and sales you’re going to launch. You can cut your cost in half and sell your most popular product for one day only to get people excited. Build the right landing pages so the customer can shop quickly and easily.
Black Friday must not be just another average retail day for your site, so think about details!

Think about your customer

Sounds obvious, but be sure to know your customer. People are typing “gifts for christmas”, “christmas gift”, “best gifts” and so on, Google to find ideas. Use these keywords for the title and description of your product.
Also: this day, people HATE waiting. May it be offline than online. Check the speed of your page and speed it up with the tools and

On Facebook
bestbuy cover fb

Time to use your artistic skills: design a new cover for your Page showing the discounts and offers (Photoshop is perfect, but Paint will also do it). Also fit your profile picture to the cover, for example by adding some falling snow, snowflakes or a Santa Claus hat. Change also the way you talk to your fans: sweet talk to them so you’re building more trust. Talk about the values of Christmas, such as family unit, singing together, the smell of Christmas biscuits and the kids’ laughter… Create posts which tug on the heart strings.

Updating with fun

Talk about your promotions on your Blog, on Facebook, on Twitter – everybody must be informed. But think about the way you’re going to tell them; it must be eye-catchy! For example:
“First come gets deal” – the early bird gets the worm.
“Free Returns” – customers pay attention on such things and can be a criteria of the choice of where they buy.
“Gift with purchase” – always performs well, especially if you’re selling beauty and health products.
– Create some hype, by using terms like “Missed the craziest deal ever, but you are lucky because…”
“Product of the Day” – works good in newsletters. Post it on Thanksgiving, before everybody else.

Ok, let’s begin now by adding new products to your Blomming Shop! We wish you a lot of sales during these days;)