Autumn is here!

Categories: Fashion By Severine Kaiser


Leaves are falling down from the trees, the weather is becoming colder and moody,summer holidays are over… Brace yourself, Autumn is back! But does it mean that our summer mood is gone with the hot days? We believe not. There are plenty of reasons to be glad. You don’t think so? Then we have to give you the best one: fashion this autumn isn’t boring at all!

If you thought that you would be dressed in black in fluffy coats who are hiding you from the cold, then we have to disappoint you. The designers were very inspired for this season.

It begins with a wide range of colors: besides the duo black & white (seen at Viktor & Rolf, Barbara Bui), you can find the eternal bordeaux red like Carven introduced it, and the “all-in-grey” which will be one of the main trends of this F/W 2013/2014. And, unexpectedly, there is a navy blue touch everywhere (which reminds us immediately the sea, doesn’t it?) that is even wearable as a total look. Besides these dark shades, pastels colors are also celebrating their Come-back. Wether it is a pale blue or a baby pink, as seen on Dior runway.

colors & prints

Marble prints are making an impressive entry and are giving every look a sophisticated attitude, while the baroque lovers will find happiness through the tendency of embroideries which is the strength of designers such as Dolce & Gabbana. For a more miltary look, there is a tendency for camouflage prints which is present on every runway. Thinking about that we created a collection with the best of camouflage on Blomming for you enter in this trend. Check it out now>>


People who prefer to rock it, here’s a reason to be happy: the biker jacket will be an essential in your wardrobe; in leather or in tweed, the principal thing is to own one. If you feel more like a tom-boy, the boyish look is made for you: hat, tie or bow ties.


We notice that the top of the silhouette is amplified with over-sized clothing, as well through voluminous coats as curved shoulders. Mid-length skirts and long dresses dominate women’s look.

Now that we are top-informed about the latest fashion trends, it makes us want to be dressed  right? But where to find it? On Blomming of course! We created, specially for you ladies, a new collection “Fashion for her: Automne!“.

 autumn collection

You will find a wide range of clothes inspired by these trends: as well pastel skirts, as comfortable sweat-shirts and retro-dresses… Be inspired and renew your wardrobe for this season which promises to be